Keep Your Vehicles Protected

You’ve made a significant investment in your transportation. Keep autos, trucks, vans and other important belongings protected when you visit remote job sites. Sturdy portable carport shelters offer a great way to safeguard your gear wherever you travel.

A Mobile Carport?

This technology surprises some people. Most of us think of a garage or a carport as a permanent building that remains in a single spot. Today, some significant breakthroughs in construction materials enable everyone to gain greater utility from shelters.

A mobile auto sheltering system will move with you, so it becomes available whenever you need protection for a car, a boat or other expensive equipment. Don’t risk a sudden dust storm or a bout of rainy weather destroying the lovely appearance of your possessions.

The availability of inexpensive, secure portable shelters means that even people working for days at a time at remote sites can gain better protection for their vehicles. Maintain a neat, clean appearance on the job when you drive long distances. The shiny exterior of your wheels will impress your clients and associates, even when you work (or play) in the Outback.

Durable Construction

Portable, well-designed shelters permit owners to erect carports easily in natural terrain. You’ll transform a simple barren dirt lot into a secure, covered parking site. Built from tough galvanized steel, the arched frame offers a solid support for the heavy-duty PVC fabric covering.

Cost-effective, long lasting polyethylene offers lightweight, waterproof shielding against pounding rain and blowing dust. These zippered coverings help keep blowing dirt from clogging engines and causing mechanical breakdowns in remote locations. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of protection!

Especially if you place the covering tightly, so it won’t sustain more buffeting than necessary, you’ll enjoy extended utility from an investment in a high quality mobile carport. These units enable drivers to shield their vehicles against the ugly consequences of splattering rain, flying debris and messy bird droppings. When you find yourself miles from a car wash, a tough mobile carport furnishes far more protection than wax or polish.

temporary carport

Horrid Expense

Sometimes the startling cost of repairing a nick on a sleek metal finish surprises workers and managers who accept assignments in the field. Most people appreciate that a fresh, attractive exterior contributes significantly to the resale value of vehicles and items of equipment. If you’ve ever journeyed to places with few amenities and tried to protect your possessions from the elements, you’ll appreciate how difficult locating a secure rental garage becomes sometimes in sparsely populated regions.

Returning from a few weeks in undeveloped areas won’t enhance your bottom line if you must then pay a small fortune to repair damage inflicted on a nice automotive finish or windshield by the forces of Mother Nature. One or two dings or cracks might not require complete re-painting or the installation of a new windshield. Yet over the course of several weeks, the damage rough terrain inflicts on attractive automotive exteriors tallies up.

Without protection, autos and trucks sometimes look weather beaten after enduring just a short period of time in unforgiving environments. Investing in convenient portable carport shelters before your trip could save you embarrassment, aggravation and expense after your return.

Easy Assembly And Take-Down

Fortunately, a temporary carport generally offers very easy, quick assembly and take-down. Military units even use these types of structures to protect their gear and mobile equipment. When you require frequent relocations from one place to another, a portable shelter provides one of the best, and certainly one of the most convenient, ways to protect your wheels.

Once you erect a portable shelter a few times, the assembly and dis-assembly becomes almost automatic. You’ll appreciate the rugged, long-lasting protection the waterproof coverings offer during rainy weather and hot sun. Consider investing in one of these portable garages for your most valued vehicles and equipment.

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