Manufacturer Approved Car Repairs – The Only Way to Go

If you are a working adult, the chances are you drive a high end vehicle, and in the unlikely event you are involved in a traffic accident, you need to source the right repair shop. Handing over the keys to an expensive car to just anyone is really not an option, and if you are looking for a suitable benchmark, always opt for a repair shop that is manufacturer approved.

Extensive Inspection

Let’s take a high end car, such as an Audi or Mercedes, for example, if a body repair shop wanted to become manufacturer approved, the process is rather exhaustive. Their premises would be thoroughly inspected, to ensure they have all the necessary hardware, and their practices would also be carefully monitored, and furthermore, they can only use genuine parts, which is good news for the customer. Any workshop that was officially approved to carry out Audi smash repairs would have been rigorously vetted by the car maker.

Guarantee of Standard

While there might not be a definitive organisation that can guarantee car repairs, the next best thing is a manufacturer approval, and with so much at stake, it makes perfect sense to use a tried and trusted repair shop. All garages will insist they use genuine parts, and with such a mark-up possible, there are always those who will succumb and buy sub-standard parts, but any repair shop that has the manufacturer’s stamp of approval would have too much to lose by using anything other than the real thing.

Know your Rights

Many motorists are unaware that they have the right to nominate the repair shop when their vehicle is involved in an accident, and because of this, their vehicle is repaired by an unknown source. If you have comprehensive insurance, or are not at fault, you can specify which garage carries out the repairs, and it isn’t a good idea to wait until the need arises, and a simple online search will land you on the website of a manufacturer approved repair shop in your immediate area.

First Class Service

Aside from the repair shop using genuine parts and accepted practices, you would also receive the very best of service, and often that would include a free loan car until your vehicle is repaired. Their pricing would be transparent, and if there are repair options, the technician would talk things through with the customer, allowing them to make an informed decision on how the car is repaired.

State of the Art Facilities

Modern vehicle repairs demands hi-tech equipment, and with the latest paintless dent removal (PDR) treatment, often there is no need to spray at all. The technicians themselves would be fully qualified, and with several years of supervision from an old hand, they would eventually be given projects.

You don’t need to wait until the need arises to source a good repair shop, and by taking the time to search online, you can store the number in your smartphone and if the worst should happen, you are covered.

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