Must-Have Motocross Accessories

When taking on an extreme sport you always need to consider safety first. In the world of motocross, gadgets are not only exceptional details for both you and your bike, but a safety component as well. With an abundant selection of gear to choose from you can easily find the ones that suit your taste perfectly. Some of the must-have gear is listed below.

1. Helmet

When choosing a helmet, there are several things to consider. First of all, neither a large nor a small piece is a good option. Try on several helmets to find the ratio that is most comfortable for you. Secondly, there are different types of motorcycle helmets. If you are a street rider, then lighter street helmets with no heavy jaw protection and a narrow eye port can do. But if you are in for motocross racing, then full face helmets are a must. These helmets have wider eye ports for goggles, visors, vented mouth pieces and an extended jaw protection, all for comfier and safer racing. Finally, helmets can be damaged and even unexpectedly break after numerous hits, which is why you should also test your helmet for resistance if it has ever been through a crash.

2. Stabilizers

Besides yourself, you should also accessorize your bike for safety reasons as well. Stabilizers are a lesser known known piece of bike gear, but one of the best motocross accessories you can have as a beginner. Stabilizers work as suspension for your steering. If you bump into a rock that bounces you out of balance, stabilizers will ensure you stay in control of your handlebars. They are easy to install, and for some riders, a first choice of gear when purchasing a new bike.

3. Disc guards

Before each ride, especially a long one, brakes need to be checked.  There are different styles and ways of braking which vary from rider to rider, but some of them are intensively hard on the brakes. If brakes get worn out they lose on their agility and braking from 80 km/h to 40 km/h might take longer than you’re used to. For less experienced bike riders this can be a serious problem and cause crashes with severe damage. In order to avoid this, brake protectors have been made mandatory in some races, like Moto GP. If your brakes haven’t been checked or are already worn out, getting disc guards is a good idea. If the brakes are still in shape, installing disc guards as a precaution will enable the brakes to stay in shape for longer.

4. Goggles

Roost, dirt, dust, insects, sweat and rain are just some of the nuisances you avoid when wearing goggles. Either you are more of a street or a motocross rider, having good sight when riding is a necessity. Goggles can be combined with both street and motocross helmets, while there are different shapes and sizes you can choose from. Some have wider panoramas, while others are narrow, focused to fit into your helmet.  They can either warm up your face when riding in the cold, or vent it when it’s hot. You can choose different types of lenses with various colors as well.

5. Gloves and Handguards

If you are not a fan of gloves, then handguards are especially a must-have piece of bike gear for you. Gloves can be useful for colder rides and for holding your hands on the handles, but they do not provide a lot of protection from wild branches and other road hazards that can easily make you lose control. On the other hand, gloves protect your hands from blisters and burns which handguards alone cannot. Taken all together, wearing either lightweight or protective gloves while riding with handguards will provide you the best feeling and protection.

It is hard to imagine a motocross rider without a helmet or goggles, but new technologies have been developed to ensure both you and your bike stay safe. The listed accessories are just some of the popular gear bike riders require for the best riding experience. Besides gadgets and equipment, riding with a sharp mind, well rested and awake is necessary for everything else to work. Keep both yourself and your bike in shape for the best and safest experience.

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