MyFord Touch: How it Works

In Ford vehicles the functionalities of SYNC is paired with MyFord Touch in which the traditional knobs and buttons have replaced by the modern way of car controls and screens. But to make the most out of this technological support, it is necessary that the user knows how it works and how the best of all its features can be availed with the right usage of the controls.

Here is a list of controls provided by the Ford dealer MS that can be accessed and instructed in the following ways:


The steering wheel of the Ford vehicle can be controlled by the MyFord Touch and the SYNC and here is how:

Voice: The Voice control in the Ford models is labeled either with the word or by an icon that activates the Voice Recognition working through a voice command or by the SYNC.

Media: The Media control includes the media source options like CD player, AM/FM radio, or any other media device.

Seek: Seek control appears as a four-way arrow or a right and left double arrow that moves through the choice made in the menu.

Volume: Volume control shows up with plus a (+) and minus (–) symbols that controls the audio volume.

Phone: Phone control activates the phone menu, consisting of functions like picking up incoming calls, ending a call and there is the OK icon that confirms the selections.

8-Inch Touchscreen

The 8-inch touchscreen display consists of the following controls:

Phone: The Phone comes with a standard numeric keypad and buttons meant for direct dialing, quick dialing, accessing the phonebook, showing up call log, text messaging, and every other phone functionalities.

Information: It appears by default if a vehicle doesn’t have its own Navigation and has options like accessing SiriusXM Travel Link alerts,SYNC Services, and using a personal calendar.

Navigation: The Navigation icon enables functions like finding the address and receiving turn-by-turn directions from the Google map, re-routing and canceling a route.

Entertainment: The Entertainment includes options like selecting and listening to music with the help of the SYNC audio system or using the AM/FM radio, CD player, HD Radio or a paired Bluetooth-enabled plugged-in device.

Radio Controls

The Radio Controls have the options of Power on or off the radio system from the touchscreen and can control the Volume.

LCD displays

The MS Ford dealer showed us the instrument cluster on the LCD display that has two sides of menus that includes the Left Display and the Right Display. The left vehicle information configures all the necessary vehicle settings showing the right-time status of the vehicle functions and the Right Display provides access to the most-used functions of the touchscreen, like the phone menus, audio features, climate control, SD Card and the Navigation system.

Media hub

The media hub is the place for controlling all the media parts and features like the USB ports, SD card reader, Navigation system and the Audio/video RCA connectors. This enables the car occupants to play videos, video games, use the video iPod, cameras and camcorders through the journey.

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