New Honda Accord: Top features to expect

The brand value of Honda is phenomenal, and on the thought of a premium sedan, a picture that surfaces is Accord. The company now has a new Accord product for Indian markets, and the car is going to launch this year sometime during the festive season. The upcoming Accord is the ninth-generation model. News of a new Accord launch is super-exciting, and for some interesting news, Honda has re-introduced this car again after being discontinued in India in 2013 because of poor demand.

The ninth-generation Accord is among the biggest launches to happen, and since the car is re-emerging after a period of three years, one can only expect a massive new surprise. What does the new Accord have that is likely to strike a chord with buyers? Let us browse through some of the intriguing characteristics and find out. For people who are keen on buying the 2016 Accord, remember these points, compared to its predecessor, the car will receive massive cosmetic upgrade and there will be a series of new high-tech features.

New Honda Accord


The ninth-generation Accord has a neatly built exterior and the features that are striking is the presence of dense glossy metal grille and arty LED head lights. The new Accord is more striking to the eye than ever before, it not only looks plusher than its predecessors, but also other Honda cars in the market. The exterior design architecture is incredible, and you will notice neat cutting-edge lines that enhance the plush value of the car. The creatively sculpted radiator grille in front adds deep aesthetic character to the car and on it is horizontal slats covered with glossy chrome that bears neatly carved Honda logo. Beneath the radiator grille is body colored bumper and the styling of it is incredibly sporty and the most dynamic element of the front portion is sparkling LED fog lights. View the car from the side and it emits a vision of a mind-blowing luxury design visible on neat character lines. The other attractive side features to watch out for is electrically adjustable exterior wing mirrors, body color door handles and chrome door handles.

The rear portion of new Accord looks lavish, the huge boot lid that is bigger than its predecessor and huge bumper builds the elegance value of the car. Also take note of the neat strip of chrome that passes along the mid bumper region.


What can one expect from the interior of new Accord? Ardent Accord fans will only picture a magnificent and plush interior. The car is expected to have a series of amazing features and the plushness value is transformed to another level. The quality of décor and material is first-rate and for Indian markets, the 2016 Accord is likely to have an all black or dual tone interior. Sitting inside the new Accord is going to be among the most comfortable experiences ever. Honda has engineered the seat in a way that it offers maximum comfort. The front seats have adjustable head restraints and side bolsters, and the rear seats also have head restraints along with two cup holders and center armrest. The four spoke steering wheel has shiny black accents and here there are multi-functional switches and the automatic car has paddle shifters.


The Indian-spec new Honda Accord is likely to have 3.5-liter and 2.4-liter i-VTEC petrol engines, and there is going to be a hybrid launch as well. The hybrid car will have a 2.0-liter i-VTEC petrol and electric engine. The energy output from only the petrol car is 167bhp and when combined with electric engine, it will yield 197bhp. According to reports, it is certain that the company will introduce the 2.4-liter i-VTEC petrol car in India, and it will generate powerful energies of 222Nm and 177.5bhp. This engine will be connected to five-speed automatic or manual transmission gearbox and the steering will have paddle shifters. Honda might introduce the 3.4-liter petrol car, and there is still no information about whether this engine will be fitted into new Accord. If the 3.4-liter i-VTEC Accord car is introduced in India it will release potent energies of 339Nm and 271.2bhp.


The acceleration power of 2016 Accord is commendable, and it covers a distance of 0 to 100 kmph from standstill position in only 10.5 seconds and the highest attainable speed ranges between 190 to 200kmph.


The Indian-spec new Accord is loaded with advanced safety features; the revolutionary Driver Assist system is offered on the car for international markets. The essential and advanced safety features incorporated into the car is lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, and it also has ABS, EBD and airbags.

Ride and Handling:

The new Accord will have a robust suspension system and will have a rear multi-link system and front McPherson strut type of suspension. The front and rear has stabilizer bars that offer smooth and jerk-free ride and driving this car is going to be safe and fun even on challenging highways. The braking system of 2016 Accord is going to be potent, it will have traction control systems, EBD and ABS. The car will be sold within a price range of Rs 22 lakh for the base model and Rs 30 lakh for the top end model.

Honda is all set to create a benchmark in the luxury car segment with 2016 Accord, and the class-defining features are, exceptionally plush and sophisticated exteriors, posh and richly feature loaded and comfortable interiors and power packed engine. The main reason behind why the ninth-generation Accord is expected to be a game-changer is because of the massive evolution from its predecessors with regard to exterior design, interior plushness and comfort and advanced technologies.

It has been three years since the Accord is discontinued, and now Honda is geared to introduce the ninth-generation car, and this time in a much more exclusive form. For those who are keen on the 2016 Accord, just go for it, simply because it is luxuries, comfortable, has advanced technologies and is powerful.

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