Parts Avatar Canada is here to tell you how often your Car Brakes should be replaced?

You must be aware that car brake pads and rotors wear out with the passage of time. It totally depends upon the material of the brake and driving patterns that how often your brakes should be replaced.

The car brakes are really very important for the driver and one should maintain them properly so that they work at their best. The primary components of car disc brake systems are as follows:

  • Brake Calliper
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Rotor

The brake pads and the rotors of the cars keep on wearing out eventually, but there are number of factors on which brake wear depends:

  1. Driving Habits

It totally depends upon the driver that how hard he pushes his car brakes and then he would come to know that how long his brake pads would last. There are some drivers who stop the car brakes abruptly and on the other side there are some which gently stop it. It is generally advised that one should go for smooth and gradual braking as it would increase the lifespan of the car brake pad, but yes if you feel that it is an emergency, and then it is very important to brake abruptly for your personal safety.

  1. Environment

It is really hard to drive in the city as stop and go traffic lights are really very common. One can easily drive out in the country or on long straight road as it involves less braking. Your car brakes can wear out very easily if you will drive in mountain areas with extremely steep elevation. The driver uses more brakes to control the downhill speed.

  1. Brake pad hardness

There are various compounds in which brake pads are available to suit various driving needs. Generally hard compound brake pads would last much longer but they should be warmed up before so that they can perform well. If there is too much heat, then it can melt the pad compound ultimately reducing overall brake performance.

  1. Materials

The materials with which brake rotor and brake pads are made up of also matter a lot. Generally the carbon ceramic brakes are much more effective and last longer than the standard metal brakes. But one thing should be kept in mind here that the carbon ceramic brakes should be warmer. But these brakes are really expensive. You can always go for steel and other kinds of metal brakes as they would work efficiently in different driving conditions.

How to tell if your Car brakes need replacement or not?

Once you have covered 50,000 miles, then you must get your brake pads replaced. There are some brakes which can even last for around 70,000 miles and on the other hand, there are some which should be replaced once they have crossed 25,000 miles. It totally depends upon the factors which have been listed above. You can always consult your owner’s manual if you want an accurate number for your car needs. Some other indicators that would tell you that your brake pads are wearing out are as follows:-

  • Get your brake pads inspected by your car mechanic on a regular basis whenever you get your car tires rotated or when fluids are changed.
  • You will be surprised to know that the brake pads contain small metal hairs at their bottom and when they are about to run out of grippy material, that is the time when you should replace your brake pad.

All in all if your car brakes look worn out and are not functioning properly as they used to before, then you must get them replaced as soon as possible.

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