Santa Fe: Leading in Technology

Ever since the inception of its fluidic design ideology, Hyundai has time and again come out with vehicles that look stunning. These designs have translated into highly successful models in all segments from hatchbacks to SUVs. Hyundai’s latest premium offering Santa Fe attracts eye balls like no other. Apart from its focus on safety and convenience, Santa Fe is loaded with technology that is both exciting and luxurious. For vehicle enthusiasts world over, especially the ones in Houston Hyundai Santa Fe is a very exciting offering loaded with features. Let’s take a look at the features that makes this a really compelling choice.

With more than ample space in its interior, Santa Fe can offer much more than traditional seven seaters. The 50/50 split folding rear seats can be folded completely flat when needed, thus maximising load space and helping you to carry more. In fact it packs in more space and leg room than all it’s fellow competitors. A lot of attention has been poured into developing technologies that help the passengers feel at ease while seated. The heated and ventilated front seats helps you warm the seats during summer drives and prevents the seats from being a chilly wake-up call during summers. All it takes is a button to switch on this setting.

Another exciting technology that will get serial shoppers on board is the hands-free smart lift gate with auto open. It’s a must-have feature for serious shoppers everywhere, and comes in handy when the car is in the parking lot. The available hands-free smart liftgate technology opens the boot automatically when it senses the proximity key is positioned behind the vehicle within three feet for more than three seconds. It can be a very handy help when your hands are occupied with bags, boxes or children.

Hyundai has managed to seamlessly include technologies that make your driving experience more complete by introducing both apple car play and Android auto. With access to apps and voice assistants, your car essentially becomes a smart car on the go. While none of its contemporaries offer multi view camera system, Santa Fe packs in four cameras which offer a 360-degree view around your vehicle to help you see people and objects right on the touchscreen display. It’s very helpful for safely maneuvering a large SUV.

Safety is given paramount importance at Hyundai and this is clearly visible with features like Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Lane Departure Warning on offer. These technologies act like eyes behind your head and help prevent accidents that are beyond your control. Lights that turn when you do is another innovation that Hyundai has brought to the fore. Santa Fe’s Dynamic bending light adjusts the head light direction based on the steering position.

As and when Santa Fe detects a vehicle in your lane ahead, it automatically slows down maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle. Your Santa Fe will also come to a full stop, when the vehicle which is moving ahead stops. It will then start again without you doing a thing. Innovators at Hyundai refer to this technology as Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start. For the people of Houston, Hyundai Santa Fe offers great value for money and is a best in class offering.

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