Six Tips for Finding the Right Limousine Service For Your Trip

There are only a few times that you may rent a limousine in your lifetime so you will want to make sure you have a good experience. Selecting the right limousine company can make a difference when renting a limo for your prom, your wedding, or a special occasion. Here are six tips for choosing the right limo company to rent from.

Check Business Experience

Experience is important when it comes to a limousine service so you will want to find out how many years the services you’re considering have been in business. Knowing how to coordinate the logistics and services for their clientele is very important because each client will have different needs. If you come across a company that hasn’t been in business long, find out about the experience of the owners and drivers who work for them.

Consider Price

The price of the limousine service should also be a consideration, especially if you have a strict budget. Ask how much the service costs per hour and ask about multi-hour discounts. For example, if you’re sure that you will need the limo for three hours, ask if you can get a discount for hiring the limo for a certain amount of time. In some cases, it may be less expensive to book the limo per hour or for an extra hour to get a better rate.

Available Selection

A good limousine service will have several different types of vehicles from which to choose for different occasions. They may have regular limousines, stretch limousines, party buses, vintage cars, and stretch SUVs such as Hummers or Escalades. The vehicle should be appropriate for the occasion so you should check their selection by going onto each service’s website,

Read Reviews

Most companies have a page for testimonials or reviews on their websites or they may have reviews on independent review websites. It is important to look limo companies up online to find out what is being said about them by their current or former clients. While a limousine service’s website may only post positive testimonials, an independent review site will have the good, the bad, and the ugly, which is why you need to seek them out.

Visit the Service

When you’ve narrowed your selection of limo services, take time to visit each one in person to review their vehicles. The nice shiny vehicles on their website may only be promotional pictures so make sure that their real fleet lives up to the expectations. Some services will have very nice vehicles while others will have older limos that look nothing like what they have on their websites.

Check Credentials

Before finalizing which service to rent from, check the credentials from each service. All of their drivers should be certified and have the appropriate licenses, the service should be insured, and vehicles should have been inspected by the state Department of Transportation.

With these six tips, you should be able to find the appropriate vehicle to rent for your special occasion at a price you can afford.

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