Taking Care of Your RV Made Easy

Owning an RV lets you experience the great outdoors while still being able to experience the comfort and amenities of home. For the most adventurous types, the fall season offers the opportunity of exploring new, interesting places while having fun with the buddies or loved ones.

Like any other motor vehicle, your RV needs to be constantly maintained. Proper care and maintenance are an investment you should put in to make most of your RV experience. To make sure that you get an uninterrupted outdoor adventure, here are some pro tips on how to take care of your precious RV:

1. Check the Tire Pressure

As your RV packs quite a lot of stuff, religiously checking the tire pressure assures you that your tires are always in good shape. You would not want a blown-up tire in the middle of an exciting weekend road trip, would you?

2. Check Your Oil, Transmission, and Brake Fluid Levels

Always make it a habit of checking your oil, fluid levels, and transmission before going on a trip as these often reveal some issues with your ride. Leaving these issues unaddressed could pose potential danger and might ruin your planned trip altogether.

3. Check Your Lights

Especially during night travel, broken lights could be a driver’s worst nightmare. You can easily avoid this problem by checking your lights beforehand.

4. Always Keep Spare Tires

If you are a true-blue outdoor adventurer, you would have known by now the value of keeping spares. If you happen to break down somewhere in the middle of nowhere, keeping a spare could save you from the trouble of either being stuck or walking your way to the next gas station.

5. Check for Cracks

Cracks on the roof and floors are common issues for RV’s. Have them repaired immediately to avoid further damage to the vehicle.

6. A Quick Wash Before You Hit the Road

After going through the checklist, you might want to clean the insides of your RV. Your vehicle experiencing a considerable amount of foot traffic could create such mess. Therefore, it is imperative to have the floors cleaned to keep your beloved RV looking good and slip-free. While you’re at it, do a quick wash to remove dust and stains on the outside of the vehicle.

Apart from uninterrupted enjoyment, having your RV running in tip-top shape also gives you the promise of a safe ride and peace of mind. Most of these tips can be done in under 15-20 minutes so you should not be worried about it taking too much time off your weekend adventure. After all, it is better to err on side of caution. You would not want to sacrifice the safety of your friends and family now, would you?

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