Team-Work Tricks That You Can Learn From An F1 Race

Teamwork’ is an often referenced term or buzzword amongst business owners or the top management of any organisation. They use the term pretty often but forget its meaning and its core essence. We have explained below the term and what it means for business.

What is Team Work?

Team-work is the process of working in a group of colleagues or people with the aim of achieving a goal. Team-work acts as a strong foundation for any organisation as it brings people/colleagues together so that they can work together in almost any situation.

During this process, people will look to co-operate with one another in order to perform their tasks. Individuals make optimal use of their personal skills, provide constructive feedback to one another irrespective of their personal conflicts so that they can work with each other.

However, as the structure of every organisation is different, the process and definition of teamwork also differs accordingly.

But there are certain tricks that can help you to ensure that your team has good levels of coordination and mutual trust in each other. Some of them are discussed here-

Clarity on roles and responsibilities

 Just like in a Formula One team, each member has a specific role and job, similarly your staff should have a specific purpose and task to perform. The role could involve being a part of the pit crew and replacing the rear right tyre or an engineer who works on the front wing of the car.

If every employee has a specific role and responsibility then they will strive to attain their own goal which eventually leads to the team’s success. Lack of clarity in jobs may lead to interference of team members in each other’s work and result in conflict amongst them.

Know Your Team

Some of the Formula One teams have a work staff of over 2000 employees which makes it difficult for the top brass to recognise all their employees. But, it is important to know/recognise at least the ones whom you work with on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, you might not meet everyone in your office on a daily basis but it is essential to at least take the initiative of getting to know them.

You can start with the employees whom you meet on a frequent basis and gradually get to know about rest of the staff.

Make sure that you recognise them with their name or at least by their face. Employees prefer to work at places where they are recognised and their hard efforts are appreciated.

Proper Work Ethics

There is a high possibility that over a period of time your employees may feel tired from their same daily mundane routines. Just like how a Formula one driver gets tired of constant travel over the course of an entire season.

But, their passion and the strong work ethic of the rest of the team encourage them to put their best foot forward. It is important to completely immerse your mind and heart in what you do, as this makes it easy for you to maintain a strong work ethic.

This also boosts employee productivity. Therefore, ensure that not only encourage your employees from time to time, but also enquire if they are facing any problems at work.

Build Relationships outside the four walls of your Office

There might exist the possibility that you do not understand certain actions of your team members as you do not know them well or rather personally. All you know about them is through how they behave within the four walls of professional workspace.

One trick to break the ice with your employees is by taking them out for a corporate team building event. They can indulge in several activities like quad biking, a pit stop challenge, clay shooting.

This way, they can get to know each other personally and develop better understanding about each other. Indulging in such activities also reveal the friendly traits of your employees and they can actually have fun with their co-workers.

Moreover, such activities help you to build trust among your team members so that they can coordinate better and pull off tasks smoothly in the workplace.

Failure is a part of journey

While watching a Formula 1 race you might have seen your favourite team losing just because of a mere few seconds worth of gap with the lead car. This could occur because of a myriad of different reasons.

But, the entire team has to face consequences of this failure. A similar situation can happen in the office as well – the company may lose a potential project because of a bad presentation that resulted because of poor inter-employee cooperation.

If you land in such situations, it is important to accept the fact that failure is a part of your journey and you have to learn from these mistakes. When facing a similar situation down the line, you should look to conduct a mock presentation before pitching to the client so that you are confident and have a clear idea on the points you wish to cover during the presentation. This reduces your chances of losing a good client.

Lastly, your employees spend most hours of their day at work than their homes. It is therefore, important to appreciate their efforts and celebrate success as well. It could be as simple as having a lunch party at the office whenever you successfully complete a huge project.

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