The Different Causes of Car Vibration

We know how much you love your car. You may have tons of different memories with it and it surely has brought you miles away from home and miles back. But a common problem that annoys us all is when our car shakes (even just a bit).

What causes car vibration? Most people don’t know the true answer and turn to a mechanic. But you can save time and money by knowing the true reason why your car’s shaking. It differs from case to case though; some cars shake lightly while others would make you feel like you’re riding a washing machine.

Nevertheless, here are the reasons why your car might be vibrating. Make sure to check it out and fix the problem as soon as possible:

Tires That Need Balancing

One of the most common reasons why cars vibrate is tire balancing. Due to natural wear and tear, your tires might need balancing—it’s just a process that adds tiny weights to each wheel. This can significantly reduce any shaking that your car’s experiencing. You can have your tires checked in a local car shop near you to see if you need tire balancing.

A Bent Rim

An impact that affects the rim of your car can cause the same symptoms as tires that need rebalancing. Think about it. Have you ever gone up a curb or hit something hard? This might be the cause of a bent rim on your car. You’ll know if you have a bent rim if your car’s vibration is felt when you drive 40 miles per hour or faster—it simply doesn’t go away. The good news is that it’s perfectly replaceable.

Tire Separation

Sometimes the layers of rubber inside the tire would separate but it’s not usually visible to the naked eye. Contact with a curb or pothole is the common reason for tire separation. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the affected tire (sadly). This would make you drive more careful next time!

Loose Steering Components

Steering components naturally degrade depending on how old your car is or how high its mileage is. This is quite a common issue, especially for old cars. Tie rod ends are the components that loosen up and this promotes side to side movement while you drive your vehicle as well as vibration. You need to contact a trained professional as soon as possible to repair this.

Brake Pulsation

Sometimes the problem is actually your brakes. If your car shakes whenever you decelerate, brake pulsation is most likely your problem. This may cause a sudden and high frequency vibration that ends when you finally stop. It’s a serious issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Driving your car isn’t safe when it’s affected with this issue since you can easily lose control on slippery roads.

Loose Wheel Bearings

Last but not the least, loose wheel bearings cause symptoms very similar to loose steering components. When wheel bearings get loose, car vibrations come and go. Take note that there’s no regular pattern when this happens. Lucky for you, wheel bearings can be repacked or adjusted most of the time.

But the best solution, and for safety, is to replace all your wheel bearings. You can do it yourself or contact a professional to replace your wheel bearings.

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