The History of Mazda 626

Over the years, Mazda has been churning out one family car after the other. It all started with Mazda 616 and then we had Mazda 618. They were succeeded by Mazda 626. Mention also needs to be made in this regard of Mazda 6. You can get all the latest cars of Mazda – the Asian and global giant in car making – from your nearest Mazda Monterey Peninsula dealer. Whenever you take a look at one of the cars of Mazda you understand the kind of hard work and attention that has gone into making the vehicle in the first place. Plenty of effort goes into making these cars.

The speciality of Mazda 626

The special aspect of Mazda 626 is that it has been built as a compact and midsized car by the company. Its main competitors in the car market at the present are Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Stanza, and Hyundai Sonata. One important thing that needs to be noted with respect to this list is that all the companies are Asian ones. This also shows the kind of progress that Asia – and especially Japan and South Korea – have achieved with regards to the international car market. Their success is an undeniable testament to their quality as carmakers.

What is it trying to do with Mazda 626?

Behind every creation there lies a purpose and Mazda 626 is no exception to this age old and time tested norm. You should place an order for your Mazda 626 at your nearest Mazda Dealer as soon as you are able to. This car was ideally meant to be for families. That was how it was built in the first place. They also intended it to be a successful export item, much like how their other cars had been. The car was actually based on Mazda Capella.

The beginnings

Incidentally Capella was a car that was sold only in Japan by Mazda. It was in 1979 that 626 replaced this car, Mazda RX 2, and the other Mazda cars that have been already mentioned in the piece. Mazda 626 stayed in circulation till 2002. It was replaced by Mazda6, whose emergence just stopped 626 in the tracks, so to speak. Ever since, the company has not produced another one of the cars that we are talking over here. This car, interestingly enough, was sold under different names in various parts of the world.

The different names

In several parts of Asia, as well as Australasia, and southern Africa this car was sold as Ford Telstar. However, this happened only for a short time as it was replaced by Ford Mondeo, a car that had been procured from Europe. In fact, this was actually one of the few cars of a Japanese maker that were made in the United States of America (USA). It however took the Federal Government of the USA a decade before it labeled it as domestic production. In its final stages the interiors and the exteriors of the car were upgraded.

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