Three Car Problems Which Can Damage Tyres

Having worn tyre treads can cause problems when you are driving, such as hydroplaning when it’s raining. Where the tyre is worn can indicate a problem with your car, not necessarily your tyres. Here are three car problems which can cause abnormal tyre wear.

Bad Shock Absorbers

When the shock absorbers of your car are bad, you can tell by looking at your tyres. The end treads of the tire may resemble hills and valleys, which is called scalloping or cupping. This happens because bad shock absorbers will cause the tyre to bounce when the car is being driven, making it land harder on part of the tyre as it rotates.

Single-Side Wear

When a car has an alignment problem, one side of the tyre will be worn while the rest of the treads are fine. When the camber is off, which is one of the settings of how the wheel is oriented on a car, the car leans too much to one side. When you see this problem, you should take it to a garage offering repairs and East Sussex tyres to have the alignment fixed and order a new set of tyres.

Seeing Tread Indicators

Many tyres have tread wear indicators which become visible when it is time to replace your tyres. However, to prevent accidents, you may want to examine your tyres before the indicators can be seen and get them changed if the depth is too low. It all depends on the type of driving you do, the condition of the roads you usually drive on, and the time of year at which you are driving.

It is important to check the condition of your tyres to keep you and your family safe while you’re on the road. Check for these indications of a car problem and have it fixed if you spot any of them.


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