Tips for Arranging Wedding Transportation

One of the many services you will need to schedule for your wedding is transportation for the wedding party. While you can hire a limousine for the occasion, if you have a large wedding party, there may not be room for everyone. Hiring a van or mini bus is a good way to ensure everyone gets to the church on time for your nuptials, without getting lost on the way.

Book Early

Depending on when the wedding is going to be held, you should book your form of transportation at least four to six months in advance. This will ensure that you’ll have transportation for the wedding party and for any guests who may need a ride to the wedding site.

List Riders

To make sure there is room for everyone in the car or van, make a list of everyone who needs to be transported to the church or the wedding venue. If the reception is going to be held in another location, consider extending the ride to the reception locale as well.

Examine the Vehicle

Before booking any type of transportation, discuss your options with several companies and take the time to view their fleet of vehicles. A Glasgow mini bus hire can be a great way to take a wedding party or wedding guests from the church to the reception. Following the festivities, the driver can take guests back to someone’s home, so that everyone can have a few drinks without having to worry about driving.

Confirm Reservation

Before the big day arrives, make sure everything is set to go for the week of the wedding by confirming the reservation for your transportation. You don’t want your wedding party or guests to be waiting for a ride that never shows up, so confirming the reservation will give you peace of mind knowing everything is set to go as planned.

Arranging for transportation for your wedding will go smoothly if you follow these tips.


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