Tips for buying a used car

Searching for used cars for sale can sometimes be taxing.  It’s already stressful enough having to take the time (and often money ) to shop around for a car, but the addition of a new factor – the car you want to purchase being used – often brings about even more issues.

With this is mind, we thought it would be wise to give you some pointers on successfully searching for and purchasing a new car;

Tips for buying a used car

  • Take your time- never, ever feel pressured into buying a car that you aren’t 100% certain on. Ignore pushy salesmen, time constraints, or any other sort of pressure – it may seem wrong, but it’s preferable when compared to purchasing a car that won’t work properly in a month’s time.
  • Be careful how you view cars- under no circumstances should you purchase a car before viewing it in person. When you do, ensure that you can view it at a time when it isn’t wet from the rain or dark; it can hide scratches, dents, and any other problems.
  • Ask about service history- this should be obvious, but many still forget. Ask for things such as previous MOT certificates, records of regular servicing, garage bills….etc. If there is no history, be extremely wary.
  • Before you hand over any money- if you’ve found the used car of your dreams, well done! Don’t get too excited, though. Ensure that you agree on collection/delivery arrangements, confirm what’s included in the price, and confirm any work that the seller has agreed to do. Finally, make sure to get a receipt showing vehicle details, price, terms of sale, and the seller’s details.

Bear the above in mind, and you should have a much, much easier time browsing used cars for sale as opposed to doing so in a panicked rush. Happy shopping!

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