Tips on Keeping the RV Cool with AC

Most of the time, people go on vacation during Summer. There are those who book a hotel for vacation while some prefer to hit the road with an RV. Since it is Summer, the temperature would be hotter than usual because it’s sunny. People liked to spend their RV vacation cruising the road or camping in a camping site with the air condition open.


This mindset can prove to be expensive. Not only would you spend money in charging up electricity on your vehicle, but it may cause potential damage if you keep abusing the use of the air condition. There are many ways to cool down on a Summer in an RV, whether you’re on the road or parked at a camping site. To know more about these tips, check it out below:

Keep the Air Flowing

Since the RV is made up of metal, when exposed to the sun, it will absorb heat. Once it absorbs heat, it will seep inside the RV, bringing an even greater temperature INSIDE than outside. This will prompt you to crank up the air condition to keep the temperature at tolerable levels.


When on the road, turn off the air condition and bring down the windows. The wind from driving on the road may help you cool down. When stationed at a campsite, also roll down the windows on the windy side of the RV. That way, you can let air flow inside, providing a cooler temperature inside.

Use Shade

In camping grounds, it’s natural for people to look around for available spots with provided shades. This is will prevent more heat coming down on them when they lounge outside their RV. So when you’re going to a campsite, make sure to look for camping spots where there are trees that serve as shades.


If there’s no more spot with available shades, you can use certain materials like tarps. Tarps are relatively cheap and when attached to your RV, it provides an additional shade to your camping site. If you also have beach umbrellas, you can use them too.

Cook Outside the RV

Cooking will gather enough heat to drive you insane especially if cooking inside the vehicle. The heat from the stove plus the smoke that it’ll emit will add to the surrounding temperature. And since you’re inside a somewhat closed space, even with the windows down, it will still feel hot.


Try cooking outside. Cook most of your food outside using grills, crock pots, and frying pans. Aside from the heat immediately being expelled while cooking, it also makes it a lot comfortable because of all the space you can use to move around when cooking outside. It may also serve as a perfect bonding time with your companions if you try to cook and eat your meals outside.

Use LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting emits heat when turned on for quite some time. They contribute to the heat you may be feeling when inside the RV. It’s best to invest in LED replacements. LED lighting doesn’t emit heat even when in use for a long time. Not only does it not emit heat but also help you save energy since LED are energy efficient.


And there you have it! If reading this and thought that you might need to replace some parts of your RV, check out the RV Part Shop today!


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