Tips to change and maintain a car battery

Nothing can be more stressful than shutting down of a car battery in a middle of nowhere. This situation can happen with anyone without any alarm. You must keep your car battery maintenance at the priority so that it performs well. Whenever your car battery drains out and doesn’t obey you there are several services available for car recovery Dubai 24 hours. This article entails the detail regarding tips on what could be done when your battery weakens and fails to get started. You will also get to know about the maintenance and replacement of the car battery.

How to start an engine with a weak car battery?

There are times when your car battery goes down and your car gets stuck along the roadside. You must somehow give it a jump start to reach to the destination. For times when you think you are using a faulty battery, or the battery condition is unstable keep a pair of jumper cables with you. You can use the jumper cables to get your car started with the help of the battery of another car.

Before you proceed for this procedure make sure that the car batteries of both the cars should have the same voltage rating. Secondly, keep your hands, skin, and eyes protected.

To get started first, park both the cars close to each other and keep the ignition off. Now, identify the positive terminals of both the batteries and connect them to each other. Attach the negative cable to the negative terminal of the charged battery car. The other end of the negative cable should be connected to a metal part of the car with a discharged battery. Start the car with charged battery and charge the low battery car for a few minutes.

Now, start the car with discharged battery and remove the cables in opposite order, starting with the negative cable first and then the positive ones of the other car followed by removing the cables of your car.

How to replace a car battery?

Replacing a car battery isn’t a big task. Follow the below steps to replace a car battery without any complication.

  • Firstly, you must remove the old battery. Remove the negative terminal of the battery marked black with (-) symbol. Then disconnect the positive terminal marked red with (+) symbol. Remove the hold-down clamp of the battery. Carefully lift the battery and remove it. Clean the battery tray to remove corrosion.
  • Now comes the step of connecting the new battery. Start with placing the battery in the right position and connecting the hold down clamp. Now, connect the terminals in reverse order by connecting positives first, followed by the negative terminals. Make sure it is fitted properly to avoid future trouble.

Addition to this, you can apply some petroleum jelly on both terminals to reduce the corrosion process. You can sell these used car battery Dubai to any shops from where you have bought the new ones.

How to maintain your car battery?

If you want to extend the battery life, it is mandatory to maintain a car battery Dubai. You must make a proper schedule for the regular maintenance of the battery.

Keep the battery and its terminals clean:

The terminals have white powder deposited on them, which is toxic in nature and accelerates corrosion harming the battery. Remove this powder from the surface and the terminals of the battery. For this, remove the battery as mentioned above. Then make a solution of warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda and apply over the battery case using a brush. Clean the terminals thoroughly and wash it with cold water after a while. Now, the battery is all clean and free of corrosion you can place the battery back.

. Examine the Electrolyte level:

Examine the electrolyte level of the car battery by removing the caps of the battery. Make sure the lead plates are dipped properly into the electrolyte solution. If it isn’t so you can add some water to maintain the decreased electrolyte level.

. Use a battery charger

There are many people who rarely use their cars. Batteries become dead when your car is idle for a long period as they do not get charged. For such situations use a battery charger. A battery charger keeps the battery properly charged.

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