Top 4 Utility Golf Cars in 2017

There are various kinds of golf cars but there is one we usually neglect and that is utility golf cars. This idea of reading an article about utility golf cars may seem irrelevant and boring but, quite frankly, I can tell you this: “Why are you reading this?” You can be reading this article because it popped up on your Facebook timeline or maybe because you are just generally curious. Well, check this out. This is an article about the Top 4 Utility Golf Cars in 2017 and it is so relevant because there is a lack of electric vehicles in the market that can cover your needs; in this case, we have utility.

1. T-Sport Cargo

The T-Sport Cargo by ACG is the “Little but Terrible” of utility vehicles. With its 12-inch aluminium wheels, it can haul up to two tons! The T-Sport Cargo’s 17.5 horse power motor makes travelling for (fairly) short distances a breeze. The brake system also compliments the motor and the task of hauling things.

2. Diablo 2+2 – Police

The Diablo 2+2 – Police is a Diablo indeed. This utility vehicle is perfect for New Jersey; it can make rounds in the beach, the mall, or anywhere because of its 12-inch machined aluminum wheels that can equip off-road tires. This Diablo 4+2 – Police is basically the bigger version of the Diablo 2+2 besides some specifications that were adjusted to accommodate more passengers.

3. U-Series 72U-2-AC

This utility vehicle by STAR made it to the top 5 because the direct drive driving system – even if most of the vehicles nowadays have automatic driving systems – go well with the four-wheel hydraulic brake system because it carries more than the usual load. It is unbelievable because it can carry up to 2200lbs.

4. Gem em1400 – Box Sides

The Gem em1400 – Box Sides is perfect for your day-to-day transporting needs. The working weight capacity of the box itself is slightly more than a ton, 1100lbs. to be precise, and it has a 1250lbs. towing capacity. You can only imagine what you can do with those working weights – towing a jetski back to the villa, transporting fruits and selling them around your neighbourhood, you can even build your own mini cabin and ride with it all day long.

If you are amused with this list, you may check out the other vehicles to have a full feel of the utility vehicles offered by Golf Cars Unlimited Co.

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