Tricks to Prevent Skidding in Wet Weather

Driving on a wet road is challenging but when the snow or ice calls the tune, it can be downright hair-raising. Even experienced drivers know the feeling of wet undies when they suddenly lose control of the vehicle and skid on the road. Are there any tricks (except for the premium superb-grip winter tyres, preferably studded ones) to prevent your car from skidding and stay dominant on the road when the weather conditions are against you? Here are some easy driving techniques that help you have a safe drive both for your life and property.

How to avoid skidding on a wet road?

Of course, it’s easier to prevent the unpleasant moment than to correct it.

Adjust the speed according to the weather conditions and traffic situation. Hectic driving is a true way to an accident and big losses. Remember that slamming on the brakes can be very dangerous.

Keep both hands on the wheel and stay as much focused as possible. Turn off all distractions – phone calls, chats with passengers, music, snacks etc.

Reduce the speed before turning.

Tricks to correct skidding

If you feel that handling the vehicle is already beyond control, try to correct slidingwith these tricks:

If you are fishtailing (your rear wheels slip and the vehicle drifts to one side while the car’s front is directed straight ahead), remove your foot from the gas pedal and wait until skidding stops. Then slowly drive to the centre of the lane. If the car still keeps skidding, try applying brakes, but very gently. Remember the simple steering rule: steer gently to the right if you are fishtailing to the right and steer gently to the left when fishtailing to the left. This trick helps to straighten the rear wheels and keep moving straight ahead.

Start to do the correction as early as possible after you notice the slippage. Then you won’t need to turn the steering wheel too far. Because if you steer too hard, the car can fishtail to another side.

Your goal is to reduce the speed and gain control over your car at the same time. So never slam on the brakes when fishtailing; otherwise, it can result in the car spinning beyond your control. If you see other cars too close to you, you can slightly put the brakes on.

If you have experienced the fishtail, it is a true sign that you are driving too fast for the current weather conditions. Reduce speed and be more careful.

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