The flagship S Class sedan from Mercedes-Benz has seen a new addition to its exclusive line of up models. The newbie is called the Connoisseur’s edition as the company believes the model will pique the interests of connoisseurs given its manifold features. The new model has been introduced in two trims, namely S 350d and S 400 respectively.Feature rich sedan : The new edition variants come loaded with top end features such as:

  • Night View Assist Plus providing driver assistance in dark stretches
  • Executive rear seat with more thigh support
  • Enhanced seat reclining ability of up to 43.5 degrees
  • Electrically extended footrest
  • A perfume dispensing unit with air ionization
  • Electrically adjustable front seats with a 3 stage memory function
  • A cushion airbag
  • Energizing hot stone massage

Poised to be manufactured at its Chakan facility near Pune, India, the Connoisseur’s Edition would be a testament to the company’s Make in India vision. Among the various top end features mentioned above, the Night View Assist Plus shall assist drivers by projecting a clear vision of the darker stretches of the road on their consoles. This is done through the combined usage of an infrared camera located behind the windscreen, a thermal imaging camera near the radiator and anti dazzle infrared headlamps. In fact, the anti dazzle infrared headlamps would illuminate the area in front quite prominently forewarning pedestrians or vehicles. This feature would also warn the driver beforehand of any impending obstruction in dark stretches where even glowing headlamps might not be helpful.

Another feature called the cushion airbag shall be deployed from underneath the reclining seat in the event of a collision. In fact, the deployment of cushion airbag would prevent a reclining passenger from being pushed forward and hitting the front seat. Thus, this particular safety feature would be really useful as injuries sustained during a collision when passengers hit the front seats, can often be fatal. Moreover, for connoisseurs who have used Mercedes for quite some time the presence of a perfume dispensing unit with provision to select perfumes would come as a breath of fresh air.

When it comes to driving comfort what better way than to receive a massage while travelling. Named as the Energizing hot stone massage, the function is offered in two intensities – low and high. In this function the backseats carry fourteen air chambers that are operable through solenoid valves. Upon activation through a button, the air chambers can inflate or deflate in rapid progression thus giving a wavy massage like feel. The travelers would find the comfort level in these variants a few notches higher, yes even by those who have used Mercedes as their vehicle of choice.

The other safety features that would make these variants worth owning include eight airbags, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Pre Safe, dynamic cornering control system, adaptive braking system, brake assist function, ASR hill start assist function, and a 360 degree surround view camera with parking assist function.

Powerful powertrain : The S 350d variant derives its power from a 3.0-litre V6 diesel burner that can produce a peak power output of 258bhp and a top torque value of 620Nm, respectively. The S 400 on the other hand glides along the road with an awesome power thanks to its 3.0-litre V6 petrol burner. The burner is capable of generating a high power of 333bhp and a peak torque of 480Nm. The wheels of both the variants receive requisite force through a 7G Tronic Plus automatic transmission gearbox system.

Undoubtedly, these variants would do a world of good to the hallowed brand of Mercedes thanks to their design, comfort level, safety features and awesome powertrains.

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