Volkswagen Tiguan: Face off with top 5 competitors

Volkswagen, the German automobile manufacturer recently announced the launch of its new SUV model, Tiguan for India. Booking for the Volkswagen Tiguan are now open and deliveries will start from June 2017.

The new SUV is available in two variants- Comfortline and Highline. Both of them have 2-litre diesel engine and 7-speed DSG gearbox. Thevehicle will be available in five different colors – Tungsten Silver, Oryx White, Indium Grey, Deep Black, and Atlantic Blue. Currently, prices for the Tiguan are Rs 27.68 lakhs for the Comfortline variant, and Rs 31.04 lakhs for the Highline variant (ex-showroom, Delhi).

If you’ve been looking for an SUV that is roomy and convenient, then Tiguan should be your choice. It is roomy and can comfortably accommodate five people, with plenty of head, shoulder and legroom to spare. It is smaller in size than some SUVs, which makes it easy to maneuver around in tight spaces. Whether you’re carrying some furniture, small machinery, sports equipment, or anything else, there is plenty of space in Tiguan’s cargo area.

Unlike most of the other SUVs in its field, the Volkswagen Tiguan has a great engine with commendable efficiency and output; the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine of this beast produces about 200 horsepower. You can go from zero to 60 in less than 8 seconds, which is pretty fancy for an SUV in this budget. If you choose the all-wheel drive option, you can get even better handling and maneuvering, especially on Indian roads.

This car is not about the power features completely. It scores pretty well in terms of exteriors. The Volkswagen Tiguan is better than many others in its class based on looks. Curvy yet muscular, the Volkswagen Tiguan is definitely an eye-catcher. Its streamlined body shape offers brilliant aerodynamics, better than most of its competitors.  A spacey and convenient dashboard makes all your storage issues vanish completely, and makes your drive more pleasant. It also provides superior handling on the road. Its rear view camera provides you with an additional layer of safety and convenience.

While the Tiguan may not be as stylish, value-oriented or fuel-efficient as some of the other SUVs in its competition class, its superior finish, quality looks and brand appeal, as well as its superior engine performanceprovide a perfect balance of attributes. It is a great car, but still, everyone has their competition. Here we provide a detailed analysis on Volkswagen’s competition.

Volkswagen Tiguan – Top five competitors

  1. Mercedes Benz GLA

The Tiguan is a bit longer than the GLA in overall length. Although, it has a marginally smaller wheelbase. Speaking about the overall features, both the cars have all the basic features of a premium SUV present. The Tiguan has brilliant LED head lights, three-zone climate control and a beautiful panoramic sunroof, while the GLA has a more intelligent and smarter infotainment system with seven quality airbags. The GLA is comparable to the safety levels of the Tiguan, which is the main selling point of the Volkswagen’s car. And obviously, Mercedes has more brand value attached to it.

  1. BMW X1

The Highline variant of the Volkswagen Tiguan can be compared with the entry level variant of the BMW X1 (sDrive 20d), given that they have comparable prices. Both are similar in terms of sizes and have more or less a similar design owing to the crossover influence. However, the Tiguan is better in terms of the quantity of features available, and also has a bit more interior space. It also has more cabin space as compared to the X1. However, the X1 has its plus point that its engine is much more powerful and efficient than that of the Tiguan.

  1. Toyota Fortuner

Both of them can be compared as they fall in exactly the same price bracket. The main differentiating factor is that the Tiguan is available only in the diesel version whereas the Fortuner has both petrol and diesel variants ready. Fortuner’s engine also is bigger than Tiguan’s and can churn out a lot more of power. Although, Tiguan can provide more mileage than the Fortuner. The design of the Fortuner is a bit more muscular, and the Tiguan is a bit classy, but it’s surely a matter of taste.

  1. Ford Escape

The Tiguan scores more than the Escape on the comfort and utility front, although it has made up for that, provided it is almost 90k more expensive than the Escape. Tiguan can give an extra mileage of 2 kilometers than the Escape. Tiguan uses the Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 engine while the Escape uses Regular Unleaded I-4 engine. There is no doubt that Tiguan scores more on the Engine sector. Both of them have a Front Wheel Drive. Transmission of both the cars is also same (Automatic w/OD). Obviously, both of them have a 5-seater capacity, and Sport Utility body. The Tiguan is a 2WD 4-Door Automatic S while the Escape is 4WD 4-Door S.

  1. Honda CR-V

The Tiguan is not as good as Honda CR-V when it comes to space issues, and security features. It also has a mileage deficiency of 5 kilometers than the Honda CR-V. Tiguan uses the Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 engine while the Honda CR-V uses Regular Unleaded I-4 engine. The Tiguan is better than CR-V, when it comes to engine performance. Transmission of Tiguan is (Automatic w/OD), while that of the Honda CR-V is CVT w/OD. Obviously, both of them have a 5-seater capacity, and Sport Utility body. The Tiguan is a 2WD 4-Door Automatic S while the Honda CR-V is 2WD 5-Door LX.

Summing up

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a competent SUV. It is not as innovative as other Volkswagens, but advanced in terms of safety, technology and fuel economy. The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan delivers on most of the important small-crossover promises. It has a powerful engine, although mileage is an issue. You can also find other SUVs with an overall better score in the same price bracket.

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