What Car Services Are in Demand Today?

Maintaining a car isn’t a simple task nowadays: you have to take into consideration and do loads of things to maintain your vehicle in a proper condition. Of course, you may do everything by yourself, and it will take your time, energy and money. However, if you don’t want to waste your money and time, you may contact a professional car service and have your car checked and fixed there.

All in all, there are several kinds of car services to be applied:

  • Oil and Filter Replacement;
  • Basic Service;
  • Full Service;
  • Major Service;
  • Manufacturer Service.
  • Oil and Filter Replacement

Oil and filter replacement must be done to make your car run with problems and it helps to save fuel. This service is provided nearly at all garages and services you may contact.

  • Basic Service

Basic car services often include the oil and filter replacement and a general inspection of the car to determine all possible problems. All in all, these services usually check the main fluids (brake fluid, steering fluid and etc.) and up to 35 other key components.

  • Full Service

Full car services provide the same checks as the basic ones, but they can also add up to 15-30 additional options. The approximate list of services may include:

  • Auto repair services (brakes, tire, engine, alignment and drive train services);
  • Auto maintenance services (car batteries, air conditioner; tune up, transmission, radiator, auto inspection services).

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  • Major Service


Major service is very close to the manufacturer’s one, but it’s not unique to the car. The list of the services is very similar to the full service’s ones, but it also includes some additional services recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer Service

This service includes all necessary options your car may require to be checked and fixed in no time. You needn’t wait till a necessary detail will be shipped to a car service as a manufacturer service include all wear/maintenance/service items your car needs.


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