What Is a Turbo Actuator and Why You Need One

A turbo actuator is one of the important parts of the turbo charger in your vehicle. It helps control the amount of power and thrust you can get from your engine. Your turbocharger helps to enhance the internal combustion of your vehicle’s engine. Thus, helping you get the desired power. The actuator is one of the pieces that make the turbocharger. It is also referred to as wastegate actuator due to the function it performs. Most of the vehicles already have an actuator. However, over a period of time or in order to fine-tune the performance of your engine, you will need to replace it.

Controlled acceleration

The task that it performs is simple, but at the same time, it is very important, as well. It is a pressure relief valve. So, when the exhaust gases get accumulated, this valve is set to open up at a certain pressure and release the gases away from the turbine wheel. Thus, offering the vehicle that necessary power boost. Such controlled release of the gases ensures that your vehicle does not go fast and at the same time, gives you more control over the acceleration.

Protects turbo charger

With the turbo actuator, the turbo charger is also protected from different types of wear and tear due to excessive accumulation of the exhaust gases. Since, the actuator valve is set to open at a certain amount of pressure the threshold of the turbocharger or its maximum pressure capacity does not exceed usually. The valve is held closed with the help of a mechanism that consists of a spring and a diaphragm. Once a certain amount of pressure is reached due to the gas being accumulated, the spring pops up, opening the valve, and releasing the gases away from the turbines.

Power performance

Many people have a notion that such parts are not already pre-fit in the vehicles. Almost, all vehicles have a turbocharger and a turbo actuator. However, over a period of time like any other vehicle part, it needs to be replaced due to the amount of wear and tear that it takes. In addition, if you are into custom cars and your engine needs that extra power boost, the turbo actuator may need tweaking or replacement. Most manufacturers have a stock turbo actuator option, which can be purchased. You can also look at custom made ones in order to get performance that is more precise from your vehicle.

Check the overload

Over a period of time, due to the continued workload, the spring of the turbo actuator tends to lose its original specification. This could lead to the valve opening faster or later. It is a sign that the actuator needs to be replaced. You can feel the difference in the power boost that your vehicle gets on accelerating. In certain cases, however, the diaphragm is damaged and fails to open. This is a more serious problem, as it can lead to serious damage to the engine, as well. In case, you feel that you are seeing such signs with your vehicle, it is better to get it checked that be sorry about it later.

You can get a fair amount of options when it comes to turbo actuators for your vehicles. These days, there are a lot of custom made turbochargers that come with custom actuators which can help you get the desired power output from your vehicle. Make sure that your mechanic can balance between the power of the vehicle and the safety of your engine. With the right balance, you are bound to get that power and speed boost for your vehicle.

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