What is Difference In Crawler Bulldozer & A bobcat

If you are into the construction stuff and heavy machinery, chances are that you might find yourself in market searching for crawler bulldozer and bobcat skid steer. These are two of the most commonly used machines and are there to do various jobs. Here, we will take a look at the difference between them.

Crawler Bulldozer

A crawler is actually a tractor. It is labelled as construction vehicle by http://www.manualload.com/b.php/77/15 and moves on tracks than wheels. This helps in spreading the weight of the vehicle over a large surface area as these machines are heavy and tend to have a lot of weight. Therefore, by doing so, the tractor ends up with ability to exert lower force per unit area on the ground which makes it a suitable machine for muddy and moist grounds as well as rich soil and snow.

To the crawler tractor, you can attach numerous things. It allows a person to increase its usability and customize it as per the requirement of the job. For individuals that add dozer blade to it, the machine becomes a crawler bulldozer. If you remove the dozer and attach loader to it, the end product will be known as a crawler loader.

Bobcat or skid steer loader

The skid loader, also known as the bobcat, skid steer loader, or simply skidsteer, is a relatively smaller machine. It has a rigid frame and powerful engine and comes with lifting arms. You can attach numerous equipment to the arms. It operates on its four wheels that work mechanically and are locked so that it moves in synchronization. Although you can drive left side wheels independently with no impact on right side wheels, the steering is same. The differential steering helps in turning and its rigid frame and strong wheel bearings help in preventing the torsional forces.

You can attach a number of different items to it according to http://www.repairloader.com/manual.php/8e6ef92. For instance, with a snow blower, you can use it for cleaning snow. if you attach trencher, you can help in digging trenches. Moreover, you can also add a power driven auger or a simple auger to it.

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