What To Consider When Buying A Used Bus

Just like when buying any other used asset, you need to take your time when purchasing Used citybuses and ask a few questions.  That’s the only sure way of ensuring that the previous owner doesn’t end up transferring all his problems to your back:

So, what are the key answers that you will be seeking from the salesman?

  1. How is The inside?

Once through with the outside, shift your attention to the interiors.

How is the floor? Is it soft, torn, in condition, or how do you find it? What about the seats and the glass? Any noticeable cosmetic flaws?  And the windshield..is it cracked in any way?

Are all the dashboard elements operating properly? Inspect it in out. The idea here is to make sure you’ll identify each item that could cost you more money in repairs. Such information will help when bargaining on the price.

  1. Can I see the Maintenance Records?

Ask about the buses’ visit to the service center and the reports of the mechanic.

And once you have them, look for hints. Are there any recommendations that look alarming?

What is the engine service history? How about the transmission? Except for a few cases when the bus was committed to personal use, owners will always maintain the maintenance books/cards.

You can invite your mechanic to help the examination and compare the results with the indicated mileage.

  1. Any Leaks Please?

Leaks can be the buses Achilles heel and you need to avoid them at all cost.

Again investigate the bus for any signs that it leaks. Check the front seals, the hydraulic braking systems, and every other potential leak.

You may not have the chance to engage in this physical assessment if buying online so ensure that you ask all the questions to the online vendor before committing your funds.

The cost of replacing a leaky transmission system or brake components can be outrageous so the trouble is very well worth it.

  1. Inspect it For Signs of Rust

In the automobile industry, rust is like human cancer. Instead of ‘healing’, it only gets worse.

Check to ensure there is zero rust on your chosen bus. From the side panels, underneath, and anywhere else on the frame, there should be no signs of this cancer.

And don’t be happy that you have only noted minimal rust. As I mentioned, it only grows worse- unless you can somehow manage to keep it away from the catalysts.

And you know it’s not practically possible to shield it from snow, water, and ice- the chief threats.

  1. Can We go For A Road Test?

A lot of other issues could be camouflaged by recent paint or a patch-up job.

So, you will obviously need to get out to the highway and feel how it rides. Also, raise your ears for funny noises.

Recheck everything else and go further. How is the steering, corner taking, braking, and shock absorption over bumps or rough terrain?

Is everything as per your expectation? Here you can take your time since it could be your final chance to spot a weakness.


It’s possible to get a used bus in excellent condition and save a lot of money. But you must be ready to ask all the questions that matter.

Find out more about the leaks, the rust, maintenance records, and check the inside.

Finally, go for a road test. If happy with the ride, then congratulations! You just got yourself a great gift!

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