What to Look For in a Car Servicing Company

Your car is a precious investment, and many owners have an emotional attachment to their vehicle and are reluctant to let anyone tinker with it. This is perfectly understandable when you have spent so much money making your car what it is today, and if you are going to entrust a company to service the car, you want to feel confident they know what they are doing. If you have recently moved and are unfamiliar with the local businesses, here are a few tips to help you source a reliable car servicing garage.

Established Business

Any business that isn’t at least a few years old can be hit and miss, and to ensure you make the right choice, look at their website and if they are associated with any groups or have won awards, then this is a good sign. An established garage would have the resources and they should be familiar with your particular make and model, which is very important. Online solutions can help you source the right garage for car maintenance in Lewes with qualified technicians.

Polite and Friendly Service

No one wants to feel like they are intruding, but believe it or not, there are garages where the client is made to feel like an outsider. Thankfully, there are others who are more customer focused, and when you make an enquiry, you should receive a prompt response, with the representative providing clear information about what work is required.

Car Loan Facility

Some larger garages have a car loan service that is exclusively for their clients, and this is very handy, as no one wants to be without a vehicle while their car is being serviced, and with some cars, it could take all day. This facility would typically be free and subject to availability, and there would be a preference for regular customers.

Collection and Delivery

This is another convenient extra that can make all the difference, with busy people who can’t find the time for such things, so if you would like your car delivered to your home or office, some garages will oblige.

Affordable Prices

With so much competition, the car servicing industry has the complete range of prices, and it generally pays to go with something not too expensive, but not cheaper than the average service charge. You also should look for an establishment that itemises everything and clearly states that there are no hidden charges, as this can come as a nasty surprise when you finally receive the bill.

A Solid Warranty

Any garage that is confident their workmanship is of a high standard will offer their clients a warranty on both parts and labour, and with qualified technicians and the latest equipment, your vehicle will soon be serviced and ready for collection.

Sourcing a reliable garage isn’t so hard with the Internet, and once you have found the right people to maintain your car, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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