What Ute Accessories Do You Need

Got a ute? Great! If it’s your first ute, then you’re probably sitting around super stoked for yourself, maybe taking the old girl out for a ride around your friends’ places to show her off. “Isn’t she a beauty?” You betcha. But now that you’ve got your sweet ride now it’s time to deck her out and make her the best beast going around. We’re not talking engine tweaks here; we’re talking accessories.

And not the kind of accessories we’re usually talking about – watches, earrings, and handbags – but things that are going to kit out your car and have as the best [insert make and model here] on the road.

So, what are you going to get Shirley, Bessy, Candice (or whatever your new ute’s name is) to make her a superstar?

Let’s talk functional, to begin with, shall we? Alright, so have you thought about a ute tray as yet? If you’ve picked up a flat back ute then the first thing that you’ll probably be wanting to take a gander at is a ute tray. You can get ute trays in all different styles and materials, such as aluminium and steel, and they range from the merely functional to the functional and cool too. The choice is really up to you.

If you’ve already got a ute with a tray included then maybe you want to protect your gear in the back from all the weather, or perhaps just other people going through your stuff. This is when a canopy comes in handy. Canopies are those tough outer shells that go over the top of your tray, to the height of your cab. They’ll usually have windows on all sides. You might even want to add a ute liner for extra protection inside your ute tray. This can keep your tray from getting all dinged up.

Tradie? Investing in ute toolboxes is a really good idea. Ute toolboxes can be locked to keep your expensive tools away from creeping hands while you’re away from your truck. You probably invested a lot of money into your tradie tools, so it pays to keep them locked away safe, right?

Planning on doing a bit of offroading or live out in the countryside yourself? A bulbar or a nudge bar is a really good idea. You don’t think that you need one unless you see that roo come out of nowhere when you’re going 90ks down the highway. If you’re Aussie, and you drive, and you haven’t had a roo encounter yet, then it’s coming at some point, trust us.

Alright, now how about some other little touches that you can add to your ute to make her truly yours? Items like the good old air freshener – well they’ve got some pretty cool ones about that you can buy online. Who wouldn’t want Biggie Smalls hanging from their rearview?

Seat covers are a big one, especially if you’re out getting dirty all the time. You’ll save a bunch on interior detailing when you can just throw your seat covers in the wash every so often. You can buy these in automotive shops, or again, search out a unique set online.

And finally, what goes better with a ute than a dog? While we’re not advocating for getting yourself a dog just because you bought a ute, if you’ve always dreamed of having one then think about how good pup would look wheeling around with you all day as you go for a Sunday drive or head to the beach for it to play while you catch some waves…

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