Why Is My Car Making That Noise?

If you pay attention to your car, you can sometimes hear problems before they become major issues. By listening to where the noise is coming from, you can describe it to your mechanics so they have information that can help them fix your car. Here are three noises that your car may make and their causes.

Ticking Engine Noise

If you hear a ticking noise from under the bonnet, you should take your car in for service. Usually, the issue is with a lifter and may be the result of a bent push rod, a bad lifter, or dirty oil on the lifters. Bent push rods or bad lifters can be expensive repairs as they require taking parts out of the engine. Fortunately, if the ticking is due to dirty oil, an oil change will quickly resolve the issue.

Squeaky Brakes

If your car’s brakes squeak when you push down on the brake pedal, then have your mechanic inspect them immediately. Squeaking brakes can indicate worn brake pads, braking too hard, or rust on the brake rotors. Since bad brakes can lead to deadly accidents, they should be inspected and repairs initiated as soon as you can arrange for garage services in Witney.

Car Backfires

A car should not backfire while you’re driving it so if yours does, you should take it in for a diagnosis. Most backfiring problems involve the fuel system and can be the result of a clogged fuel filter, a bad fuel pump, or low fuel pressure. If the backfiring is coming out of the exhaust pipe, then the catalytic converter could be missing or have damage.

Any time that your car makes an unusual sound, you should consider taking your car into your mechanic’s shop. Finding the source of the problem can prevent further damage and costly repairs to your vehicle.

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