Why it Pays to Compare the Costs of Courier Insurance

By comparing the cost of the many different courier insurance policies out there, the best possible service at the right price can be located for a business. This will help keep the fixed costs of operating a business as low as possible. Start by comparing costs on https://comparecourierinsurance.co.uk/

The reason to have a courier insurance policy is to financially protect the business if the courier vehicle is involved in an accident, the items being transports are damages, lost or stolen while in route to the final destination or if an unforeseen incident occurs.

Who needs courier Insurance

  • This insurance is specific for any business or organization that transports good or packages
  • This is for both business that transport good and packages for a fee and non-profit organizations that transport goods and packages.

Different types of protection in a policy to consider

  • Drivers at or above the age of 25.
  • To cover drivers with claims, accidents or motor vehicle collisions on their record.
  • Windscreen coverage.
  • Uninsured loss recovery.
  • Coverage for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
  • Coverage for goods being transported.
  • Public liability.
  • Employee liability.
  • Breakdown coverage for retrieval of the vehicle.
  • Third party only protection.
  • Comprehensive protection.

For 5 or more vehicles operating for the business, Fleet insurance is an option that should be looked at.

Types of Vehicles that can be Covered

  • Motorcycles, the cheapest.
  • Small vans or trucks.
  • Large vans or trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

All of the above considerations must be thought about in what is to be covered and for how much. This will protect the business financially along with the reputation of the owner. It will also make it easier to choose on the most cost effect courier insurance with the right amount of coverage for the budget and business itself.

The Reasons Courier Insurance is more Expensive than other types of Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Courier vehicles have with them packages and goods that are targeted by thieves.
    • The thieves can be unknown person or those in the employment of the courier business.
    • Theft is a high possibility of occurring when items of high value are being transported.
  • The most vulnerable time for the packages to be stolen are when a delivering is being made and the vehicle is unmanned.
  • The cost of covering courier vehicle is higher because they are on the road more often, going to more places in more directions than other types of motor vehicles.
    • With this increase presence on the motorways, the chances of being involved in an accident are significantly increased.
  • Courier vehicles are classified as high risk.
    • They operate on deadlines which can cause a driver to take more risks in driving than would occur under normal conditions.

It is not illegal to transport goods and packages without courier service, but it is highly advisable. Regular motor vehicle insurance coverage only insures the exterior of vehicles and standard equipment on the interior of a vehicle. Extra items that are lost, stolen or damaged in transporting them are not covered under regular insurance policies and a business would have to pay for their replacement in full.

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