Why Spark Plugs in Car Engines Need to Be Replaced?

Spark plugs are an important part of a car’s engine as without the spark plugs the car would not spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture that keeps the engine running. The spark plug is a small component that does wear down, and overtime replacement is necessary. Mega Car Removal offers car owners the following information on why spark plugs need to be replaced.

Worn Out Electrode

When the electrode is worn out, the metal that helps to create the spark is worn away, and the spark will become weak or cause a misfire. Failing to replace a worn-out spark plug could mean that raw fuel gets into the catalytic converter which will cause damage.

For car owners, it is important to follow the manufacturer recommendations of when to replace your spark plugs. Typically, the manual will list a mileage or year interval, and it should not be ignored.

There may be times that your plugs are exposed to elements that will result in an early replacement. For instance, when oxidation occurs it is essential to replace the spark plugs nearly immediately as the plugs can seize in the cylinder head and the repair is quite costly.

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