Why You Need to Take Care of a Crack in a Windscreen

You may think that a crack in your windscreen is an innocuous annoyance. However, any crack in a windscreen should be repaired without delay. Not only is this type of damage a hazard but it can fail an MOT test, thereby lowering your vehicle’s value. You should also get your windscreen fixed if you notice that it has been chipped or scratched as these demarcations can easily turn into cracks.

Scheduling a Windscreen Repair or Replacement

When you consider that this type of repair only takes about 30 minutes, you should not delay the process. You can have a damaged windscreen repaired by a fully trained operator. In fact, you do not necessarily need to replace the windscreen as special systems can be employed to address the damage. Whilst windscreen services in Stoke on Trent can take care of minor damages, you will need to have your windscreen replaced if it displays major damage.

If you have a modern windscreen, it is made of a glass that has been laminated. Therefore, the windscreen is designed with two pieces of glass that feature a durable interlayer made of plastic. The outer layer of the glass can therefore crack if it is struck. Unless the damage is excessive, the glass will remain intact and stay affixed to the plastic.

Why Cracks and Chips Are Dangerous

New windscreens must meet strict international safety mandates that cover fracture performance, durability, optical quality, and weathering resistance. Still, it is wise to make sure that any damage is fixed to make certain that you remain safe on the motorway. A crack or similar damage can weaken the glass of a windscreen and affect its integrity. It can also make it difficult for drivers to see.

In the UK, a British Standard Code of Practice establishes the rules for when windscreens should be repaired. The same code also makes suggestions that cover the size and type of damage that can be repaired, the place on a windscreen where a repair can be made, the procedures followed by the repairer, the steps required to check the results of a repair, and the records that need to be filled out and kept by the repairer.


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