Why Your Car Might Fail MOT Testing and What to Do

There are few more frustrating situations to do with your car than failing your MOT test but a properly-maintained vehicle shouldn’t have too much trouble with the exam. However, even just a little neglect or a tiny problem can cause a car to fail and, in some cases, your car simply was not prepared for the highly specific testing. By learning what common mistakes lead to a car failing the test, it could be that you can avoid this happening to you in the future.

Lamps, Electrical Equipment, and Reflectors

When you drive down the road at night, oncoming traffic should not blind you even without their main beams turned up. Poorly-adjusted headlamps can be an inconvenience and even a potential safety hazard on the road, whether your lights are too bright or too dim. Therefore, badly-adjusted headlamps are the most common cause for failure in the MOT test but a competent mechanic can easily reset this problem without too much trouble and for a fairly small fee, assuming that none of your brackets or mounts are damaged.

Tyre Tread

Tyres are the most essential component of the vehicle because they are the only things that can pick up the multi-tonne thing and get it moving. Tyres that have worn-down tread depths are more likely to hydroplane on wet roads and potentially cause serious accidents when traveling in poor weather. The UK minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, although many safety organisations will make it clear that you should maintain a minimum of 3mm to ensure that you do not lose performance from the tyres, and it is in your better interest to have this checked before the test.

Registration Plate Lamp

MOT testing in Leicester can be tricky because even the smallest of problems with your car can cause you to fail the test and be forced to take it a second time. One of the silliest and most cost-effective to fix is a broken registration plate lamp. If for any reason the lamp over your registration plate is not working, this will cause you to fail even though having it fixed can cost pennies and just a few seconds of work.


With the weather in Great Britain especially wet throughout most of the year, wipers that are not effective can cause a major safety issue on the road and will cause you to fail. Fortunately, this is another fast and cost-effective fix and it always pays to have these checked and replaced before the test. Wipers deteriorate over time and it may not always be obvious that you have a problem, meaning that you need to have a professional take a look.

Stop Lamp

About 11% of vehicles fail the MOT test because of the stop lamp not working and even one of these lights going out could cause problems. For the sake of visibility and safety when on the road, you should have yours checked out by a reputable professional the moment you can. Doing so could save you from failing the test and potentially from a serious wreck when on the road, whether it be day or night.

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