4 Car Spring Cleaning Tips

After a long winter of driving through wet, dirty snow, damaging salt, and icy slush, your car might be a bit worse for wear and not look its best. As the weather gets warmer, you might notice that your vehicle’s finish has a heavy film and the interior might look dry and old. However, there are a few ways you can spring clean your vehicle and make it look like new after a cold, hard winter.

  1. Invest in a Deep-Clean Car Wash

Once the snow melts away in your area, taking your car to an automated washing bay for a thorough cleaning can be helpful in several ways. First, powerful detergents delivered to your car’s undercarriage can dissolve salt and other debris that might corrode the metal. You might not be able to reach these areas by hosing your car down in the driveway. Second, automated car washes offer special coatings that repel moisture, which can protect your car’s paint job during the upcoming rainy season.

  1. Coat Your Dashboard With Sun-Proof Protectant

The harsh rays of the sun can cause your car’s dashboard to dry out and crack, which may greatly reduce its vehicle’s resale value. However, you can prevent this with either using a custom dashboard cover or pre-treated wipes that moisturize your dashboard’s material and prevent it from aging due to sun exposure. You can buy the wipes at any automotive store and find a dash mat online or at auto supply stores. Dashboard mats have many benefits, including convenience, customization, and affordability.

  1. Clean Out Your Trunk

Once you have cleaned the interior of your car, give the trunk some attention. Pull out all the winter gear and give the bottom a light scrubbing to clean up any stains. Let it dry, then vacuum the corners before preparing it for the spring and summer. Replenish your first aid kit, ensure you have a usable spare tire, and that the emergency unlock feature still works, especially if you have young children. You may want to pack away a few blankets there as well, as they may come in handy at rest stops or picnic areas. Store them in an airtight plastic zipper bag to keep them clean and fresh.

If your trunk smells musty, remove the lining and spray it with a cleanser made from equal parts distilled water and vinegar. If the odor is strong, try an enzyme cleanser on the liner and wipe out the bare trunk. Dry the liner thoroughly before putting it back in to avoid mold growth.

  1. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Over the course of the winter, your car’s windshield probably worked overtime wiping away ice, snow, and slush. Having them replaced each spring can ensure they will work just as hard over the spring and summer without leaving streaks or damaging your windshield. Old wipers that are missing much of their rubber can leave marks or grooves in the glass over time. If you live in central Maryland and are planning to junk your car in Baltimore at the end of the winter, remember that the windshield wipers and other parts of your vehicle are recyclable.

Spring cleaning does not have to be confined to your home. Your car can benefit from a thorough cleaning as well, making it ready and raring to go for the warm days ahead.

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