5 Signs You Need Car Air Conditioning Repair

On a hot day, chances are you’re thankful that you have air conditioning in your car. Car air conditioning makes driving in the hotter months of the year easier and more comfortable. However, as with most vehicles, sometimes problems arise, which can include AC issues.

It can seem like most car troubles come up at the worst of times, but everything can be fixed. In fact, AC repairs are usually quick and inexpensive, which means getting your car back to being comfortable and normal in no time. To learn more, here are five signs you need repair for car air conditioning in East Sussex.

Weak Air Flow

While your air may still be working, weak air flow isn’t enough to keep your car cool. If you notice that your car’s air conditioning is offering weak air flow, there could be a blockage or another internal hardware issue causing the problem.

Starts Cool but Goes Warm

Do you notice that when you switch your air to cold it stays that way for a while, but quickly heats up? If this seems familiar, you may need in need of repairs. Usually, this is caused by an internal problem.

Musty Smell

While this may not affect how cool you get, it can be unpleasant. A musty smell is often caused by moisture being tapped in your AC unit, which breeds mould. This can cause health problems, so you should have your car assessed as soon as possible.

Warm Air

While your system may be running, you may not be getting any cold air. This is an issue that is common but can be fixed in no time.

Strange Noises

Clunking, clicking, and other noises are not normal when they come from your AC or from any other part of your car. Something could be broken inside your system, which may be the cause.

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