Auto Detailing – Different From A Carwash!

Auto detailing is a peculiar way of restore the painted and interior parts of your automobile or boat to make it look new again. Unlike conventional car wash, it not only protects your investments by giving your car a new look, you also feel a sense of pride when you ride in your attractive vehicle. Auto detailing can sometimes be time consuming and therefore can be somewhat expensive.

Auto Detailing Pro ensures customers get their clean cars no matter the location. Auto detailing is an adaptive process since cars uses different paint types. It requires skills, patience, the best supplies, intensive capital, as well as time, because it is not just an art; science is applied too. Based on the car’s status, an auto detailing process can take up to three hours. Just like going back in time, auto detailing polishes and waxes back your car to give it that brand new look.

Car detailing involves critical cleaning of interiors and exteriors, removal of contaminants, swirls, scratches, oxidation and/or other blemishes from your paint to give an enhanced and qualitative detail level. For the engine to function without problems, removal of grease, debris and buildup is also done.

Unlike your homes where you ensure your feet are clean before stepping in, you don’t wipe your feet before entering our car, so cars are typically dirty both inside and out. Hence, cleaning and dressing also extends to the carpets, seats, door panels, dash, console, vinyl, leather and plastic. For carpets; stains, ground-in dirt and grime are washed by hands.

Compared to Sealants, Carnauba Wax makes your vehicle more glossy and shiny. Clay bars can also be used to carefully remove contaminants.

For interior detailing, the use of vacuums, professional cleaners, and brushes are employed. Here, the magic of restoring the vehicle to new lies in being patient with time. When it comes to professional detailing, good products of top quality are utilized for the task. With the availability of different shampoos, cleaners, degreasers, protectants, lubricants, polishes, clay bars, and waxes, professionals and consumer can easily choose what suits their needs.

In summary, while auto detailing involves refurbishing the vehicle or boat to a showroom condition, engine detail involves ridding the engine bay area of dirt and grease. Both are accomplished with professional detailing products.

Wax is a special mixture of compounded substances that protects and gives a durable and glossy finish on a painted surface. During exterior detailing, polishing, which involves using mild abrasion process and chemical reactions to restore painted surfaces and add a glossy finish takes the longest time.

So, giving your car a full auto detailing involves establishing a complete auto reconditioning and protection service for your car. Interior shampooing and engine cleaning are also a crucial part of full auto detailing.


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