Best Car Battery Cheat Sheet

Most of us know well about cars out there and also have that one dream car we can’t wait to buy. There’s that and that is all most of us care about.  But pretty much like our heart makes us tick; car batteries bring cars to life. When a car battery dysfunctions and dies, it’s hard time deciding what other car battery could best replace it. To come up with the best fit, there are a few things to consider and check if the battery would make a perfect fit with the car. This can be conveniently tracked using the car manual.

Pick a car battery that has been tested for its battery life and reserve capacity and proves to be worth the pay. Don’t buy a battery that’s six months or older. Batteries that have been kept unused on shelves to be sold for long might not work best. Find out the warranty and guarantee plans that are offered for your potential battery. If in case your battery ditches you or experiences a glitch, it would always help you getting it revamped or exchanged.

There are truckloads of brands and companies making car batteries. This makes the choice tough. A comprehensive list of best car batteries along with their features has been discussed. This cheat sheet will help you find the best one based on what you are looking for.

ACDELCO 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI group 78 Battery

This battery has been rated as the best in consumer reports. The ratings were attributed to high performance concerning all parameters. It is an absorbed Glass Matt battery that has 36 months warranty. Though it is a high end battery, it ensures electronic safety and charge discharge cycle is very quick. It is also leakage resistant!

Optima Batteries 8020-164 Redtop Starting Battery

Again an Absorbed Glass Matt battery, it is a dual purpose battery with an amazing starting power and can manage frequent charge discharge cycles quite impressively. Another plus is that it works great in all weathers. If you are in the habit of blasting music in your car, the yellow top one is the best for your car. With all of this, the only hitch is the complicated recharge procedure that it requires.

D3400 XS Series Car Battery

Yet another AGM battery, it owes its popularity to being cheap. It is a nice alternative for optima if its price tag bothers you. It lasts up to ten years without giving troubles. As it is a cheaper alternative for optima, it works well for heavy accessories like audio systems.

Odyssey PC680 Battery

This one comes with an exciting two years replacement warranty. Being an AGM battery, it comes with the perks of great startup, charging cycles, and running at stable voltage. Odyssey lasts a good 400 cycles and charging from a zilch to hundred in just a short span of six hours. It is also resistant to changing weathers and climates. It supports a car well in places with extreme climate.


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