Buying a New Car? Is New or Used the Right Choice

When buying a new car, many of us will be faced with the choice of buying new or used. There are benefits to both, provided that you buy the right used car or the most suitable new car for your needs, so here we look at some of the many benefits of both to help you make the right choices about the car you buy from a leading local dealership near you.

New Cars – We All Want One, But Is It the Right Choice?

We can all agree that we’d rather be driving around in a new car than a used car, with the exception of classics and vintage cars which are in a league of their own. While you may want a brand-new car from the lot of Cricks Jeeps dealers, you need to consider the benefits of buying new as well as the drawbacks, though it must be said that there aren’t many!

  • New cars offer better fuel efficiency, performance and safety. This means they’re a more comfortable, more affordable and safer car to drive, which is very important.
  • New cars have an untouched warranty and many also offer scheduled maintenance for a certain time period or distance. This delivers peace of mind.
  • New cars haven’t been driven by anyone else. This is a great benefit, as you get a car that you can be 100% sure of, delivering further peace of mind.

Those are several of the many great benefits to buying a brand-new car from a reputable dealership.

Used Cars – Make Sure You Buy the Right Used Car

There are also many benefits to buying a used car, however, it’s important to buy the right used car and that mean you need to buy it from a dealership that will offer you a warranty just in case there’s an issue that you didn’t notice during the inspection and test spin.

  • Used cars don’t depreciate as quickly. When you drive a brand-new car off the lot, it starts depreciating immediately and will depreciate by at least 20% in the first year.
  • Used cars still offer a wide range of choice. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll generally find that you have a great range of used cars to choose from.
  • Used cars tend to be more cost-effective to insure. Naturally, the age of the car is a consideration, but you’ll find that overall a used car is more affordable to insure.

Those are some of the many benefits to buying used over new. Moreover, as many of us don’t have a choice and can only afford to buy secondhand cars, these benefits show us all why that really isn’t something to concern yourself with – you can still get a great deal on a nearly new car and that has so many great benefits to offer everyone.

Follow these tips to make the right choices when buying a new or used car and don’t forget that the best deals are to be found at leading dealerships with a stellar reputation.

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