Devices and Distractions: Top Tech Tools to Help Drivers Focus on the Road Ahead

There are a lot of distractions for today’s drivers: ringing mobile devices, radio consoles with too many buttons and the worry of watching out for other distracted drivers around you. Most adults know they shouldn’t use their phone when driving, but many still do, which can cause accidents and injuries.

The good news is that there is enough technology for cars out there — even on used cars — that can help end distracted driving and make the roads safer for everyone. Here are some of the most popular technologies that today’s drivers are using to stay alert and keep their eyes on the road.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is one of the best ways to fight distracted driving. It is a wireless technology that connects your mobile devices to the sound system in your car, essential making your stereo a large speaker phone. The technology has been around for years, but now most cars come equipped with it.


If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still take advantage of it. There are plenty of kits you can buy that will act as a connector between your phone and your stereo. This way, you will be able to take calls while keeping both hands on the wheel. You will also be able to play any playlists that you have directly from your phone, eliminating the need to fiddle with the radio knobs while you are driving.

Crash Avoidance Systems

These systems help prevent accidents by monitoring the front areas of the car and notifying the driver of dangers ahead. Crash avoidance systems can help spot animals, pedestrians and stopped cars in front of you that you may sometimes miss.

Some systems even have automatic braking technology, so if it detects that are getting too close to an object and are not stopping; it can do it for you to prevent an accident. This is a really big help in bumper-to-bumper traffic, when you are looking for a spot in a packed parking lot or other times when you may become distracted. These systems can drastically reduce the number of rear-end collisions that take place.

Drowsy Driver Alerts

There is even technology now that can detect when a driver is starting to fall asleep and can alert them to the dangers so they can take a break or stop for the night.

These systems monitor things like the steering pattern (is the car swerving too much?), lane positioning and, if used with the right equipment, facial expressions and eyelids to determine of the driver is falling asleep or not. If the system believes the driver is drowsy, it can send an alert like a chime over the sound system or it can even tap the brakes slightly or give the seatbelt a tug. After the driver is alerted, they can stop to avoid accidentally falling asleep behind the wheel.

There are plenty of technologies out there to prevent distracted driving.

Eliza Hart has experience working in the auto insurance industry, and through that has knowledge on the problems of distracted driving that we all deal with daily. Her articles appear on auto, news and lifestyle blogs as she discusses this topic, hoping to keep more people safe as they drive.

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