How to still enjoy your trip with a car rental service

How to still enjoy your trip with a car rental service

Hiring a car can be a fun and carefree experience, but there is often anxiety that comes with making sure one gets the car back in time to the car hiring company. You’re in a foreign country, and you have a high school tutoring gig across town in a neighborhood with no public transport access. For some, it could be making a trip across the country. Wondering how to effectively maneuver the space of getting back in time to avoid extra charges? Here’s how.

Read the agreement

Not all car hire are made equal so make sure that you read the agreement. Different companies have designated places where you’re meant to drop the car back. It would help to have the peace of mind during the trip that you are dropping the car at a specific place instead of making the ride to a given counter and finding out that you are in the wrong location. That would mean that you’ll be charged a late fee, which is what we all wish to avoid at all costs. If it is not clear, your best bet is to drop it where you picked it from, especially if you’re at the airport. The agreement also applies to your car and credit insurance. Find out if you have full coverage should anything happen to you during the trip.

Call in advance

Probably the ideal thing to do is to call the rental company in advance and let them know your location. Should you also notice the damage that you didn’t when you picked up the car, it helps to call the company immediately so that, you don’t get charged extra. The same case applies when you drop the car, and the counter or offices are closed. That helps not to get charged extra at the end of the day.

Take photos

Sometimes you have to take “a photo is worth a thousand words” to heart. Once you’ve packed, take pictures of the location. Remember to include an image of the fuel indicator and the mileage. It’s not unheard of for someone to scratch a parked car. Therefore, once you’ve parked, take a photo of the paint job in the case when the owner comes round to collect it and you end up being charged extra for damage that you did not cause. Equally, not all establishments so it helps to take photos immediately when you pick the car and return it to avoid additional fraudulent charges.

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