Learning To Ride a Motorcycle Safely

There are several benefits of riding a motorcycle to work in the capital each day, instead of fighting crowds on the tube or driving your car through clogged streets. Better Fuel Efficiency Many drivers in London make the switch to a motorbike for this very reason – better fuel efficiency. The cost of petrol is a lot less if you ride a motorcycle and over the course of a year the savings can really add up.

Cheaper Insurance Expect to pay about £500 per year for motorbike insurance, which is typically about half the cost of car insurance, and cheaper insurance is another big plus for drivers who switch to a motorbike.

However, you will pay more for your bike insurance if you have a sports bike, and the exact cost of your bike insurance will be affected by the bike’s design and size of engine. Navigate Those Narrow Roads and Tight Spots Imagine going down dirt roads and narrow passageways or weaving in and out of traffic in a car – getting through and around those tight and narrow spaces is much easier on a bike.


Free Parking Many parking spots for a motorbike don’t require payment, and you can save a lot of money each month and each year by not having to pay to park. Easier Cleaning You can clean your motorbike in just a few minutes, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the interior, making it a lot easier to clean and maintain a bike than a car.

Many bike owners consider this a big advantage of riding to work in London. Higher Resale Value Of course, you may want to sell your motorbike sooner or later, or trade it in for a newer bike, and motorbikes typically enjoy a higher resale value than cars and other vehicles. As a bike owner you can be confident of getting much more for your bike when it comes time to sell it.

London Motorcycle Training If you like the idea of riding a bike to work every day, London motorcycle training is an affordable and easy way to learn how to ride safely, and a full training course comprises a written test as well as actual riding in different road conditions. CBT motorbike training covers the important aspects of riding a bike, including how to turn your motorbike safely and properly, and the rules of the road pertaining to motorbikes. Learn more about your London CBT Test here.

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