Looking for a New Cycling Experience? Try an Electric Bicycle

Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the open trail now and then and there’s no better way to experience it than on two wheels. Cycling is an enjoyable sport and an enjoyable way to get around, but you have to admit, you’re not always ready to get wherever you’re going on pedal power alone. With the advent of electric bicycles, also known as ebikes, you now have the opportunity to enjoy the two-wheel experience without having to commit to providing all of the propulsion power yourself.

What Is an Ebike?

An ebike is a bicycle with an integral electric motor which can be used to augment propulsion so you have the choice between providing your own propulsion power by pedalling or tapping into a rechargeable battery to operate an electric motor that powers the rear wheel. A great range of different types and styles of ebikes are available, from those that have only a small pedal-assisted motor to those that are more powerful and could basically be considered the electric-powered version of the common petrol-powered moped. All ebikes can be pedalled by the rider and are therefore not considered electric motorcycles, making them not subject to certain regulations such as licensing, registration, crash protection, and others. Ebikes are free to be operated on the many public cycling paths in the UK. Electric bicycles in Yorkshire can be enjoyed anywhere that a pedal-powered bicycle can be lawfully operated.

A Unique Cycling Experience

Cycling offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourself at your own pace, letting the experience of two wheels and wind on your face really set in. With an ebike, you can enjoy the same cycling experience with the advantage of extended range and backup power for those long rides or hilly terrain on days that you’d rather just relax without working up a sweat. Ebikes can be propelled at anytime by pedalling with or without the assistance of the electric power and are thus for the most part are regulated as a bicycle. The only regulations that practically affect an ebike that differ from those placed on bicycles is a limitation on power and speed. You are free to operate your ebike on any trail or path that you would operate a bicycle on.

Create Your Own Experience

Cycling doesn’t need to be someone else’s idea of fun. You are free to tailor your cycling experience to your own liking, your fitness level, and your interests. With your choice of ebikes, you can enjoy the benefit of vigorous two-wheeled exercise, or if you prefer to slow down and spend more time relaxing and exploring new scenery on two wheels, you can let your ebike’s onboard propulsion system take over. Your ebike will allow you to do what you want to do, see what you want to see, and experience what you want to experience whether you choose to use it for the everyday commute or you take it with you on holiday. On an ebike, you will find that it’s easy to keep your primary goal of cycling in focus, which is strictly to enjoy yourself.


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