Online Selling of Certified Used Cars in Bangalore: Know the Process of Selling

Online selling of certified pre owned cars in Bangalore should be a cakewalk for you if you know the entire process of listing and selling your car online. Here’s a full guide for online selling of certified used cars in Bangalore so you can do the right things, in the right order.

Is your car sellable?

The best dealers in Bangalore only accept non-accidental cars as they promise their customers to offer non-accidental cars. Even if your car met an accident, albeit a minor one, you should perform an inspection to know whether the engine and other parts of the car are in sound condition.

Can you get a certification from the dealer?

It’s better still to leave the inspection to the experts. There are Bangalore based car dealers that can check the condition of your car and certify your car. Remember that certified cars can be sold at higher prices. If you are under an impression that certification is not mandatory, know that top car dealers only sell certified cars and your car may not meet their requirements.

Keep the documents ready

Paperwork is an important part of selling a car. You need to keep insurance papers and all other papers ready before you enlist your car online.

Find a dealer portal and upload good images of your car

Give out as much details about your car as you can on a dealer portal and wait for the buyers to contact you. Make sure that the dealer provides a certification for your car. Premium listing is also available on some websites.

Once a buyer contacts you, invite him to take a test drive of your car and let him decide. Let the dealer set a price for your car.



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