Shipping a Vehicle Without Anxiety

My family and I are moving across the country, from Lakeland to Santa Monica, and initially we thought we might drive out but then we realize we have two cars to take with us and I’m not comfortable driving alone for that length of time.

When we googled Vehicle Shipping Service in Lakeland FL we were overwhelmed by all the things we hadn’t considered.

Shipping Options

We assumed that the car would be taken from our Lakeland home to our new home but apparently that isn’t always the case. There are multiple options that include:

  • Door to Door – just what it sounds like but if your driveway isn’t large enough to offload, it may be a problem
  • Depot to Depot- drop to a depot and pick up from a depot in you r new city
  • Return- for people who live in two cities and want their car in both so the price includes a return trip

What to Compare

Having this information I still have absolutely no idea how to pick one and what it will cost. I started by looking at some consumer reports and understanding that different companies offer not only different delivery procedures but also differences in:

  • insurance
  • types of transportation
  • length of the transport vehicle
  • how quickly you need your delivery
  • the type of vehicle that you are transporting

Some of the features to consider are:

  • on time delivery
  • cost
  • reliability of service

When Things Go Wrong

I also learned that thinking about who pays for damage if there’s an accident and how reliable the delivery service has been for past customers are also important. Is the shipping covered by your car insurer and do you need added coverage durung the shipping period or does the shipping company take care of insuring your vehicle?

Types of Transport

Types of auto transport that were offered

  • open truck (the type of truck you see cars being delivered to auto dealership on) a factory type rack that is towed by a tractor-trailer which means the cars are not enclosed and debris and weather can be a factor in potential damage
  • enclosed truck which protects from weather and debris and is a little more stable
  • rail improves shipping speed ( trucks are used to cover the small portions after arrival in delivery city)

We heard horror stories of vehicles arriving scratched or damaged, cars that were more than a week late and there was even one shipping company that had gone bankrupt mid-shipping and the families all had to wait months to get their cars.

We decided to choose a national company that has been shipping cars for families for over twenty years. Based on their customer reviews, they have the best customer service and their history puts us at ease. Moving is considered on of the most stressful events in a life so doing a bit of extra research took the stress away and helped us to make the best choice for our family.

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