The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid discontinued in 2019

The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid sedan is discontinued for the 2019 model year. This is confirmed by the brand’s public relations department in Canada. Infiniti continues its energy-efficient shift these days with the arrival of the highly anticipated QX50, Nissan’s first vehicle to receive this 4-cylinder turbocharged variable compression engine. The leaders of the luxury division have already announced their intention to electrify the vast majority of the range in the near future, a speech increasingly popular in recent years, but to get there, Infiniti decides to drop the only hybrid model which was still on the program, the Q50 Hybrid sedan since the great Q70 Hybrid was also relegated to oblivion not so long ago.

This means that the sport sedan will only be available with the three engines without electric assistance, namely the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo and the two variants of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, engines that appeared in the car for the 2016 model year. The low sales figures of the Hybrid edition are at stake in this case, especially since the Q50 Hybrid was not a champion of fuel economy in addition to ordering a significant amount of money. Purchase. Although the Q50 Hybrid was the most powerful on the market, it was supplanted by the Q50 Reedsport three years ago.

For those who had an eye on the greenest model of the Q50 lineage, it will take so quickly, because the last copies will be liquidated over the next few weeks. Recall that the Q50 Hybrid has a fuel economy of 9.1 L / 100 km in the city, 7.7 L / 100 km on the highway and 8.5 L / 100 km combined, according to the Canadian Energize.

2019 Infiniti QX50 Road Test

Fifteen years ago, Infiniti was on everyone’s lips. The Japanese luxury vehicle manufacturer had just introduced two models popular on all sides by the specialized press, the G35 sedan and the FX utility. Suddenly, a brand that was not going anywhere a few years ago was again relevant and appealing to buyers. Infiniti’s problem is that it has not been able to capitalize on the success of G and FX. The models that followed did not have the same appeal and today, Infiniti is still in a position where the brand struggles to stand out.

With the QX50, Infiniti seek to regain the spark that is missing from its lineup. The old QX50 was powerful and sporty, but it did not have the style of a luxury SUV. But for a luxury builder to be successful, he needs a compact utility that stands out.

The old QX50 could not have fulfilled this role. The new is much luckier. For a start, its VC-T engine is definitely a technological feat while being unique not only in its segment, but in the industry as a whole. It is the only engine in the world that can vary its compression ratio. The compression ratio has a direct impact on the performance or on the fuel consumption according to the specific rate. By being able to vary it, it is possible to obtain better fuel economy or better performance according to our needs. The VC-T engine required 20 years of development which gives an idea of ​​its complexity. Fortunately, on the road it is simply powerful and refined, and the driver never realizes everything that happens under the hood in real time to maximize the efficiency of the engine.

On the road with the 2019 Infiniti QX50

The unique engine of the Infiniti QX50 2019 develops 268 horsepower and 288 lb-ft of torque, which is superior to standard engines in the German competition. However, it is less efficient than the 3.7-liter V6 that developed 325 horses in the old QX50. Performance is less aggressive and accelerations push you less in your seat.

In return, the new engine and therefore the new QX50 2019 are more refined. The couple is plentiful at low speed, which translates into good power in the city and excellent times on the highway. We do not feel the adjustments made to the compression ratio, we see only one engine that responds present when requested. That being said, I found myself bored by the explosion of power that was being achieved with the old QX50.

This may be the only element that is not better or better in the new QX50. For the rest, we are in another world at the level of refinement, especially in the interior where the cabin is an example of luxury. The quality of the materials is exceptional and the design is successful. Ultimately, it does not feel like you’re in a much more expensive and expensive car. The comfort is without reproach like the silence of rotation. We would like a little less assisted steering. The problem is the same in the current Q50.

It’s so techno, so advanced, that you feel virtually no connection with the road or the car, even in the sportiest mode. The majority of drivers will not realize it, but those who like a little sportier driving will not find the same solidity in the management that is right in a German product. The QX50 resumes itself at the level of the interior space. The old QX50 was very small, especially in the trunk. The new is more welcoming for passengers and in the trunk too. It is also bigger than a BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC or Audi Q5. In fact, the QX50 is one of the most spacious luxury compact SUVs in the niche. Sales so far this year is down from last year, but a model, the all-new 2019 Infiniti QX50 looks set to turn the tide waterproof car cover.


The Infiniti QX50 2019 is more than ever in a position to appeal to luxury SUV buyers. It is elegant, its interior is upscale, it is spacious and its engine is both efficient and economical. However, it is very technological which ultimately results in a lack of personality. It is an excellent SUV on paper, but we know that the purchase of a vehicle includes a good dose of emotions and at this level, the QX50 has a little difficulty to seduce.

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