Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

You’ve done extensive research on the type of car that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle. You’ve also done everything you can when it comes to the best auto loan solutions. All that being said, you’ve got to put in work to do what you can to preserve the vehicle you invested so much time and money in. Here are a few tips to keep your car cool during the hottest months of the year to preserve its appearance and your overall comfort:

Invest in a Quality Sunshade or Window Visor

One of the simplest and absolute best things you can do is buy a good window visor or sunshade to protect your interior. Even if you’re just running into the bank for a few minutes, you’d be surprised at how quickly the inside of your car can heat up. When exploring your options for shades and visors, it’s best that you choose one made specifically for your make and model of vehicle to ensure an ideal fit and maximum coverage.

Buy a Dash Cover

Additionally, you can buy a dash cover to keep your vehicle’s interior cool. The biggest difference between a sunshade or window visor and a dash cover is that the dash cover is made specifically to protect your dashboard not only from heat, but from the resulting cracking and peeling as well, both of which can negatively impact the overall value of your car. On a related note, looking into something you can use to cover your steering wheel protects your hands when you slide behind the wheel on a particularly blisteringly-hot day.

Park in the Shade

Even if you have a dash cover and visor or shade, it’s still a good idea to park in the shade whenever you can. Every bit of coverage and protection you can provide your vehicle keeps it that much cooler and comfortable. You might have to park farther away than you like to find a good shady spot, but you’ll get in some exercise, and you might be able to avoid common dents and dings to your vehicle if there aren’t a lot of cars around you.

Keep Items Out of the Sun

Depending on what you keep in your car, you might have a few possessions that shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, such as phone chargers, anything with a battery, certain liquids and foods and items made of metal. You can use a blanket to cover these belongings, toss them into the glove compartment or move them to the trunk. Just be aware of the fact that even if sensitive items aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, they can still heat up while inside your car for extended periods of time.

Crack Your Windows

Just a slight crack in your car windows helps to provide some ventilation to lower the temperature inside your car while it’s parked. Of course, you don’t want to leave a large opening for potential thieves to take advantage of. As long as the opening isn’t so large that an arm could fit through, you should be good. Just make sure you use good judgment and consider your surroundings before using this tip. You probably won’t mind getting back into an interior that’s warmer than you might prefer if it means you still have a car when you return. Also, check the forecast when leaving your windows down; summer rains can creep up on you when you least expect them and soak the inside of your auto.

Use a Solar-Powered Fan

Cracking your windows while your car is parked is an especially good idea when paired with using a solar-powered fan. Simply turn the fan on when you’re out of your car when the windows are open a bit to create air circulation that keeps warmed air from turning your interior into a sauna. This combination is one of the best ways to keep your car as comfortable as possible during the summer months.

Cover Your Seats

Before storing blankets inside your home for the summer, leave a few out so you can use them to cover your car’s vinyl or leather seats. While such materials are great for adding a luxury feel while behind the wheel, they can lead to serious pain and discomfort when they heat up and you sit on them.

Keeping your car cool also keeps it in great condition. Put these suggestions to good use when the temperature starts to rise.

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