What to Do If You Misplace Your Car Keys

If you lose your car keys, you can pay a good deal of money to have them replaced. However, that does not stop the incident from happening. Surveys show that those people who lose their keys often misplace them at work whilst others frequently lose them during shopping trips or after visits with friends or relatives. Of those people whose keys are stolen, most are swiped from a bag whilst a smaller percentage of victims have their keys taken from inside their cars.

What Type of Key Is Lost?

Needless to say, if your keys are lost or stolen, you need to contact a locksmith immediately. In order to help the locksmith make new keys, you need to provide him or her with specific information. First, you need to tell him the type of key that is lost. Most of the cars that are built after 1995 are equipped with transponder keys. Standard car keys may be used or you may need to replace keys with electronic chips, also known as remote keys.

Details You Need to Give the Locksmith

You also need to provide locksmiths in Peterborough with the following details:

  • The make and model of the car.
  • The registration number.
  • The vehicle identification number, which is located on your V5 paperwork.
  • Personal identification.
  • The postcode of your current location.

Other Types of Replacement Keys

A locksmith can usually assist you in replacing keys for most car models. If the locksmith cannot help you personally, he or she can refer you to another person or company that can make the replacement. If you have lost keys from another mode of transport, a locksmith can assist you in replacing misplaced or stolen keys for a motorcycle or motorbike. He or she can also replace scooter keys or the keys for a van, truck, or caravan vehicle.

Regardless of the key replacement, locksmith services make it possible for you to get back on the road once more and get to where you going in a short amount of time.


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