What To Do When You Put Petrol In A Diesel Car

Did you know that over 100,000 motorists put petrol in a diesel engine every year in the UK alone? This problem is not just for the British Motorists; this is happening all around the world and is a major problem for many motorists. It might seem like an impossible thing to do, after all we all know our cars and what fuel they take as we did buy the car. However it only take a moment of distraction and you have filled your precious diesel car with petrol. Only 25% of motorists who put the wrong fuel in their car realize at the fuel pump, the other 75% drive off from the forecourt and end up stranded and confused a few miles down the road.

If you find yourself in a wrong fuel situation then you should follow our advice bellow to resolve your problem with minimum fuss.

Firstly and most importantly its important not to turn on the engine, turning on the engine circulates the wrong fuel around the system and creates major problems for your engine and its components. Major damage can be made to the fuel system if contaminated fuel is circulated around the system. If however it has been started and has been driven till it shuts out then it can still be recovered and fixed on the roadside by draining, flushing and priming the whole fuel system.

Diesel Car

The second thing to remember is to remain calm. Try to refrain from getting worked up by this simple mistake.

Thirdly and lastly you will need to contact a wrong fuel recovery agent to drain and flush the fuel on the side of the road. These companies come out to your location and will fix your wrong fuel problem there and then without the need for your vehicle being towed to a garage for them to sort the problem out.

Once the wrong fuel has been taken out of your vehicle and the technician has your vehicle back up and running it is advised to change the fuel filter at the earliest opportunity as its cleaning properties may be restricted. Also it is advised that you fill up the vehicle with the correct fuel to reset the gauge and help clear out the fuel system.

For more information on what to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car, search Wrong Fuel Recovery.

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