When to Purchase a New Car

There are more than a few great reasons you may need a new car this year, and some are more obvious than others. That said, some motorists will put off financing a new car for as long as possible to avoid the expense, not knowing that they end up losing more money in the long run maintaining a car to the end of its lifespan. Therefore, it is in your best interests to take a thorough look at your car now rather than later so that you can avoid waiting too long and finding yourself trapped in a broken down vehicle on the side of the road one day.

Frequent Repairs

Repairs are as much a part of owning a vehicle as replacing the oil, but you should not need any serious repairs more than once every few years, at most. This is because a well-maintained car will last years without any real trouble and will offer you reliable, safe travel without any fear of a sudden breakdown. A car at the end of its lifespan will not be as reliable, often leaving you with serious repairs at least once a year, a costly business which may leave you spending more than the vehicle is worth just to fix the car.


The fuel efficiency of your car is absolutely critical if you want to get where you need to be without emptying your wallet along the way, and with petrol costs always on the rise, it is in your best interest to consider new or used car finance in NZ as soon as possible. A new or used car will be thoroughly inspected by professionals before you purchase it, and you will be able to choose a much more efficient model compared to your old vehicle even if you choose an option several years older. It may surprise you to learn that many “used” vehicles are not actually very used at all and are often available as new as just a year or two old.


It may be that your current car is simply too used and worn out, and it is now impossible to repair the many scratches, dents, and other damages without spending more than the car is worth. In addition, car accidents happen every single day in the thousands, leaving you with a relatively high possibility of finding yourself caught up in a serious incident on the road. Such cases often lead to you needing a new car altogether because the older car is now too damaged to repair without serious loss.


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