Where to Find Your Used Car

You’re looking for a used car for yourself or your family and you’re wondering where the best place to shop for a used car might be. Do you go to a Greeley CO local used cars dealer? Do you look on the Internet for Greeley CO local used cars? Maybe you look for one in the newspaper ads? Or maybe you just see your car parted with a big For Sale sign in a driveway?

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be stressful, but you still have to locate a good place to buy one. Here are some tips for finding the best used car.


A favorite of Edmunds.com, CARMAX is a used car dealership that isn’t associated with a dealer. Supposedly CARMAX rejects more than half the cars they receive and sell those at auction. They price their cars with a non-negotiable, fixed price – if you’re looking to talk them down, forget it. Still, you might find the car you want at a hassle-free price and you get a one month limited warranty on it.


Dealerships offer two types of cars, usually: Certified Pre-owned and used cars. The certified pre-owned cars are used cars that are inspected and reconditioned using factory parts. The positive side is that these cars come with a factory warranty, but the cars are often more than other used cars. Still, if you’re looking for a used car that is “like new,” this is your best bet. Often, these prices are non-negotiable because of the work the dealership put into the car, but you can try anyway.

Used cars that aren’t certified pre-owned cars at dealerships can be a mixed bag. Quite often the dealership takes a car in trade when they sell a new vehicle and either sell the car on their lot or peddle it at a car auction. Still, you may be able to find a car you’d like, some still with factory warranties still left on the car, when you visit the dealership. Dealerships may negotiate price and depending on how much they want to move the car, they may offer you a decent deal.

Independent Car Dealers

Independent car dealers, that is, dealers that are not associated with the manufacturers can be anything from elite car dealers to a handful of used cars in a street corner business. You can find some really cheap cars at some dealers, but the buyer needs to beware. There’s a reason those cars are cheap. Usually bought at auction, super cheap cars can have mechanical issues that may be very expensive. Always have a car you’re considering inspected by your own mechanic before buying it.

Some independent car dealers offer specialty cars such as muscle cars, imports, or other classics or soon to be classics. These dealers will negotiate with you, but be aware that the price of the car you purchase is likely to be higher than from other places.


Lastly, there are cars being sold by individuals. These can be gems, or they can be someone else’s headache. Still, you can find some good cars from private parties, and you can always negotiate with the person.

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