Why paint a car?

Car paint is generally utilized to both shield the base metal as well as make the car look royal and nice. The most generally utilized paint is acrylic polyurethane enamel paint that is water based. This is generally employed to shield the car from the impact of the environmental factors.

A car paint is generally multi layered. The overall pain thickness when finished would come about 100 µm. There is a process of painting which ensures a proper finish and a nice looking outcome of the car.

Things you will need to paint a car

Patience and time are the key to a perfect paint work for your car as it will need a number of days.
First of all, you will need a proper space for car where it won’t be damaged in between the work.
Gather your materials like tools and paint
Some essential tools are masking tape, wet and dry sandpaper, spray gun, electric sander, face masks, masking off with newspapers, Dust extractors, paint thinners and safety glasses.
Paint- 1 gallon of primer, top coat- 3 gallons, 3 gallons of clear coat for a medium sized car.
For a larger car, you may require 1 1/2 gallons base coat, top coat -4 gallons and clear coat lacquer- 4 gallons.

Process of car painting


Water jet spray of high pressure is directed onto the car body. A phosphate coat is needed to shield the body against rusting. This is the surface prep for E-coat or Electrocoat. Then the eco friendly painting is done. CED paint is used.


The initial coat of paint is primer. It works as a leveler and then offers rust shield, shield from heat variations, avoids bumps and stone-chips and shields from UV light and so on. Other than these functions, it improves simplicity in application thereby making it convenient for the paint to adhere properly to the surface. With usage of premier,

different range of paints can be utilized.

Base Coat

Color effects and properties are in this coat. They come in metallic, solid and pearlescent pigments. Solid paints are the only one which have only color and no sparkles. Metallic have aluminium flakes to give grainy and sparkling effect whereas pearlescent paints have iridescent/pearl pigments.


The third layer that is tranparent and glossy is this clearcoat which resists abrasion as well as stable chemically to shield from UV light.

Overall, car paint is to beautify it and shield it from environmental impacts, rusting, abrasion and other such impacts that can damage your car in the long run.

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